Ricky’s Lost Item List


Week 3, Rio de Janeiro – Ticket for Sugarloaf Mountain – Lost it sometime between walking through the jungle to getting lunch. Luckily on the intermediate mountain so they let me ride to the top and back without the ticket anyway.

Week 3, Rio de Janeiro – Ray Ban Aviators – Ipanema Beach, first time I entered the water, smashed by a giant wave. Searched for 10 minutes never to be found.

Week 3, Foz do Iguaçu – 2.2L Water Bottle – Forgot the water cooler looking bottle in the hostel. Trying not to smash people with my other two bags in the 12 person dorm made me miss it.

Week 8, Florianopolis – 2016 WA Calendar – Present to take with us for when we got home sick, forgot it next to the TV in our house.

Week 8, Florianopolis – Peeler – Bought a far too expensive peeler for our month in Floripa, left it in the draw while packing.

Week ??, Medellin – Undies – Cleaner ripped the sheets off the bed including undies, they mysteriously vanished in the wash.

Week ??, Caye Caulker – T-Shirt – Laundry lady gave it to someone else…too drunk to realise.

…. and Found:

Week 4, Florianopolis – Small Backpack – Left roll up travel backpack in the gym. Later found by the receptionist the next day although the little carabiner on the keyring had been stolen.

Week 4, Florianopolis – Debit Card – Dropped debit card down the side of our wood crate bed. Forgot to pick it up, next day thought I’d lost it. After searching for about an hour, ended up finding it under the crates.

Week ??, Medellin – Eye Mask – Same as the undies, they found this though.

Week ??, Cartagena – Lock – Somehow lost my lock in the hotel room … was on the fridge, went walking – found in bag back home.


Week 2, Fortaleza – Travel Adapter – Blew up and shocked me while plugging in my phone via USB.

Week 2, Fortaleza – Travel Cubes – Cheap Chinese packing cubes … zips broke and then it split open while carrying my dirty laundry to the lavanderia.

Week 2, Jericoacoara – Thongs – Unplugged my cheap $2AUD Target thongs. Got a sturdy pair of Havaianas for $30R … still going strong 6 weeks later.

Week 3, Rio de Janeiro – Eye Mask – Snapped the elastic band off Ailie’s fox shaped eye mask while sticking it over my big head….lucky we stole the others off the Emirates flight so we had spares.

Week 4, Florianopolis – Honey Jar – Bought honey in a glass jar. Joked about dropping it. 10 minutes later dropped it in the Brazilian version of Target.

Week 4, Florianopolis – Possibly second toe? – Still painful from BJJ two weeks later .. knuckle is swollen.

Week 6, Florianopolis – Spatula – Broke the smiley faced spatula while cooking chicken…may have pressed too hard. Dem Gainz.

Week 7, Florianopolis – Rib (Dislocated) – During BJJ, not sure how it happened, happened a few times before with the same pain…I miss regular chiro adjustments.

Week 7, Florianopolis – Hair Band – Hair band to hold closed my umbrella, exploded when I tried to open it and stick it over the umbrella. Note: hair bands are not as elastic as elastic bands….

Week 7, Florianopolis – Headphones – Right one stopped working … no idea why. Thanks Sony for the average quality.

Week 8, Florianopolis – GoPro Case – Snapped the black latch in half somehow … guess GoPro’s aren’t as indestructible as they’re marketed….sigh.

Week 8, Florianopolis – Ailie’s $20AUD Sunglasses – Not really my fault but she claims it is….she left them on the bed and I moved them somewhere else on the bed (together with headphones and charger). She ended up lying on them, coincidentally the same day she was talking about needing to get a new pair of sunnies.

Week 8, Florianopolis – Small Backpack Zipper – Had some previous troubles with it but wasn’t paying attention when I unzipped it and got material caught, when I got it out it no longer zips properly and always falls open. [Somewhat fixed, have to hold it tight from the inside when zipping to close it properly]

Week 9, Buenos Aires – Plastic Fork – Exploded fork while trying to eat my BBQ Pork, replacements a plenty.

Week 9, Buenos Aires – Packing Cubes (Again) – Broke another two, zipped one right off the edge of the zip, the other the zipper broke. Don’t buy the cheapest ones you see on eBay.

Week 9, Salta – Belt – Snapped the buckle off my Target belt … not sure how. Broke on the reversible section.

Week ??, XXX – Building – May have caused (assisted) a small bamboo shelter to collapse.

Week ??, Taganga – Bed Slats – Snapped a slat under the bunk bed while in bed. Poor construction.