Wrestling – Belgrade

  “No-Gi” a.k.a Wrestling @Kimura BJJ Academy After getting excited about training the previous day but having to cancel, finally made it to a training session. Coincidentally saw the videos from the previous nights class on r/bjj. Note the timetable says No-Gi but it’s actually a Wrestling class. If only I had of known, could … More Wrestling – Belgrade

Europe – Cheap Chocolate

Quick list (in order) of our favourite cheap chocolate: Best of the Best: Kinder Bueno Kinder Bueno White Rittersport Kakao Mousse Rittersport Nugat Milka Chips Ahoy Milka Oreo Honourable Mentions: Milka Noisette Milka Caramel Milka Bubble Lion (Possibly Peanut…can’t remember) Rittersport Goldschatz (40% Kakao) Rittersport Kess + Nuss Rittersport Vanilla Mousse Rittersport Espresso (I really … More Europe – Cheap Chocolate