Bali – Indonesia Part 2

Fancy Hotel, Surprising Family and Street Food

I got back to Kuta from Gili T at about 8pm on the Saturday night, Ricky was arriving at about 2am. We booked a really nice hotel called Hotel Neo+ Kuta and it was quite cheap (like $350 for 6 nights) but the only downside was it being directly behind sky garden. I thought we would both fall asleep straight away when he got in but we ended up staying up until 4:30am talking because it was the longest time we’d spent apart.

In the morning it was time to surprise my sister. She was staying in Seminyak and arrived the night before. She thought we were still traveling around Bulgaria, but we weren’t; we were a $5 taxi ride away. After a sneaky FB message to confirm she was at her hotel still we jumped in the taxi. When we got to the hotel the staff we really excited when we told them about the surprise. When she came down to the reception she started shaking she was so much shock and her husband Daniel repetitively said ‘fuck off’.

We had a swim at their hotel before heading out to Hotel Mexicola. Mexican Tapas with a price tag. I think I paid $4 for one taco. It was really nice, but my sister paid $30 for lunch. In the late afternoon Ricky and I went to Poppies restaurant for a second lunch. Like a quarter of the price and authentic Indonesian food.

On the way to Matahari Shopping Centre Ricky plugged his thongs. Luckily there was a Fipper shops so Ricky bought another pair straight away. We crashed when we got back and woke up at 11pm. We went for a walk to get street corn and shitty kebabs.

Bamboo Corner, Gym Searching & Moo Moo Steakhouse

In the morning we had/I had a swim in the pool before Ricky set off to try and find a gym. He tried The Padma but they only offered weekly passes for about $75AUD. The Pullman said only for guests and he also tried Celebrity Fitness and it was $25AUD for a drop in with shit equipment.We had lunch at Bamboo Corner with Jen and Daniel, it was super cheap (Like $25AUD for 4 meals, entree and drink)! Ricky had an epic Chicken Curry and I had Nasi Goreng. We then headed back to our Hotel with Jen and Daniel and we all had a swim.We organised Dinner for MooMoo’s Steakhouse and our friend Nat was coming along as well, so Jen and Daniel stayed until it was time to go. Ricky ended up buying a cheap pair of shorts from Surfer Girl down the road as well.


All of us ordered steaks and they were really nice. Bit small and none of them came out the way we asked (Asked for medium, definitely got rare). After we headed to AlleyCats and played drinking games before heading to Eikon for a bit. We ended up walking Nat home because we were drunk and needed the exercise. She got satay sticks along the way and they were really good!

14034741_10153689339402115_1309539813214108345_n 14022336_10153689339407115_8920569167045068369_n 13925226_10153689339582115_1477223486033847777_n


Suicide Squad, More Food and Training

We found out the new shopping centre near the beach (I think it’s legit called Beachwalk shopping centre) had a cinema and we could see anything for $5. Jen, Daniel, Ricky and I went and saw Suicide Squad. New bullshit tourist rules of not being allowed to bring water in the cinema. The movie was in English with Indonesian subtitles and the seats were really nice! (Bring a bag to hide the water). After the movie we went to breadlife for snacks before heading to Cafe Sardinia. It was really expensive so Ricky got coffee, I got a broccoli and Salmon entree. We ended up just eating our Breadlife snacks there.


Ricky got a taxi our to the gym, which ended up taking 1.25 hours. So I went and had a massage, swim and read my book! To get back from the gym Ricky ended up calling a taxi and waited for about 30minutes (it was in Canguu). He got back pretty late, like 9:30 so we went straight to dinner at Little Italy near Mataharis and had pretty good pizzas then ice-creams from one of the Mini Marts.


Bikram Yoga, Seminyak Shopping and More Food

In the morning I met Nat to do Bikram Yoga in Seminyak (Jiwa Bikram). It was the first time I had tried hot yoga and it was really good! The instructor was a bit fast in terms of explaining postures, but I’d definitely recommend it. Nat and I treated ourselves to the Organic Cafe Garden Gangsters after before heading to Jen and Daniels hotel for a cheeky swim. Ricky just did some admin stuff and had something to eat before meeting us at the hotel.

We all had lunch together in Seminyak, but I honestly can’t remember the name. Most of the restaurants in Seminyak are the same and incredibly overpriced for Indonesia. We had ice-cream from the Gelato Factory, looked around the shops and booked a sports massage with ‘Spring Spa’. We then spent a bit of time at Jen and Daniels hotel before we left to drop Ricky off at training. When he got back to the hotel we got some street corn before making it to Poppies restaurant again. TIP: always get the restaurant special, you won’t regret it! After that we both got milkshakes at Bamboo Corner (Cheaper and better than at Poppies restaurant).

Sports Massages, Group Catch-ups & Goodbyes

We made the most of our last buffet breakfast from our Hotel before heading out to Seminyak for our sport massages at Spring Spa. The massages were disappointing. It was definitely a glorified Balinese massage. Although the place looks amazing and the staff are very friendly, I couldn’t point out the differences in the massage from the $14 one I had in my hotel. We went back to Legian for lunch at Street Food Festival (just outside Akmani hotel), good Nasi Goreng.

My sister Jen was actually in Bali for a wedding and some of the other people invited were Ricky and I’s close friends so we ended up meeting up with them in the afternoon.

Our friends had a pre-wedding dinner on that night so Nat, Ricky and I ventured out to go to Mannekepis (a steak place Ricky has been fantasizing about since the last time we were in Bali 5 years ago). It had been shut down so we caught a taxi back to Poppies Restaurant.

14045973_10153689339532115_6757781698491633945_n 13939582_10153689342737115_9186707926781989557_n

The group ended up meeting us at Alleycats and we played drinking games. We went back to Akmani hotel and hanged out in the pool before we got kicked out. We had to catch a taxi to the airport at 4:30am so instead of sleeping we powered through. Nat came back to our Hotel and we played drinking games, ate food and watched TV until it was time to say goodbye! We rocked up to the airport really drunk, but thanks to our hotel giving us breakfast packs we ended up sober and just fell asleep on our plane ride.



Laundry; Find a nearby hostel to do it for you, they charge per item but they were at least a third of the price that was given to us on the street.

Restaurants; Major price difference between Seminyak and Legian.

Gyms; Don’t bother, they are over-priced and poo. Yoga is a good alternative.

Safety; When you’re out late, don’t ever let a Balinese person approach you. We had an incident with Daniel where two Balinese guys were really friendly and were mucking around with him. We thought it was a bit of fun, turned out one of the guys were trying to piggy back Daniel so that the other one could grab his phone, we stopped it safely before anything was stolen.


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