Dogs we met along the way!

For those of you who don’t know, I am dog obsessed!! So I’m very excited about this post. Here are all the dogs we met along our way that are worth mentioning. These dogs were in both Europe and South America.


The most beautiful rescue dog owned by the Ginger Monkey Hostel, in Slovakia. He even has his own Facebook page.

IMG_20160623_111625359_HDR IMG_20160620_104908878

Zulu & Fiona

Zulu (Male) and Fiona (Female) were the funniest dogs; completely polar opposite and they both went against their gender stereotypes. We met Zulu and Fiona from our AirBnB Hosts in Florianopolis, Brasil. Fiona was boyish and energetic while Zulu liked to take his time and be pampered.



This puppy belonged to our host in Jericocoara, Brasil. She was a rescue dog so she was a bit skittish. We were so happy to take her for walks and play.



One bad ass mountain climbing dog. We met Arbhaus and his owner while hiking in Montenegro. His owner was such a nice Italian lady, so we ended up spending two days hiking with her and Arbhaus. The hikes were 15-25kms each and Arbhaus probably ran double that each day. He likes to play in ice and be super cute!

IMG_20160712_102342986 IMG_20160712_121646068_HDR

Inky & Squid

They were from the dog refuge on the Caye Caulker island off Belize. We gave them names because they didn’t have any and we got to take them for a walk around the whole island.

IMG_20160205_141620194_HDR IMG_20160205_141640338

Cardigan Corgi

I have completely forgotten this little guys name, but he was the cutest Cardigan Corgi and his owner was our English tour guide. We did the Free Walking Tour for Hamburg in Germany and she brought him along, definitely one of the better tours!


Sand dune Dog

Again, completely forgotten his name, but he was so cute. His owners were an English couple with kids that had migrated over for the year. This was in Florianopolis, Brasil.


Luna was the quiet black Labrador in the Hostel we stayed in for our few days in Utrecht (The Netherlands). She was really quiet and we only saw her once, but she was super friendly!

Ned is still our favourite!

This is Ned, my dog at home. He is a 9 year old Kelpie cross Border Collie. Even though Ricky is his favourite, he is still mine!!

14051700_10157393936310220_516414782601394071_n 12778862_10156656894445220_6513740141597895851_o


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