Serbia – Belgrade Part 2

Tesla Museum, Usce Shopping Centre & Three Hats

In the morning the weather was overcast, so we bailed on the idea of going to the island. We attempted to eat our yoghurt and muesli with a ladle and fork because our hostel didn’t have any spoons. It was tricky, but our skill level was there and we managed to finish our bowls. We headed to the Tesla museum which ended up being a 2 minute walk from our Hostel. You need to go when there is a tour as going by yourself it can be a big boring (the museum is really small). The tour runs every hour (1 hour in Serbian, the next in English). We saw some of his original works and they even had his ashes on display with his suits and other personal items. We got a coffee from our favourite coffee shop ‘Coffee Brands’ and then headed to Usce Shopping Centre.

I got a new pair of runners from Reebok and Ricky found a really nice pair, but the colour was bright green so he wasn’t keen. We walked around for about 3 hours, Ricky thinks looking in accessory shops is the worst. We ended up at McDonalds for lunch because all the other place were in Serbian. When we got back to the Hostel Ricky packed his bag and went straight to wrestling. I had a nap and did some admin work.

That night we were meant to catch up with some friends who were arriving that afternoon, but their bus ended up being super late and they didn’t arrive till 10pm. We ended up going to one of the recommended restaurants called ‘Three hats‘ which is the oldest kafana. I had the roast lamb and Ricky had the crumbed pork stuffed with Kamek. We ordered a mixed salad to share as well but it came out a bit weird. Everything was whole, so we had to de-seed the peppers and cut up the onion/tomato etc. Mixed salad was a bit weird though – basically had to cut up ourselves and de-seed the pepper. We were excited when we ordered a serve of pork crackling as a starter to share, but it came out as (and I quote Ricky here) ‘pig fluff’. Still really nice restaurant; would definitely recommend.

IMG_20160726_105914225  IMG_20160726_213800400 IMG_20160726_221446962 IMG_20160726_221451193

Fortress, Branco Bridge & Departures

We were really full after dinner so we went for a romantic walk to the fortress and had an epic view of Branco bridge. The clubs across the river seemed to be going off, but we were to tired to walk an additional 2kms. We walked the 5kms back to the Hostel and crashed hard.

In the morning we had our final coffee at Coffee Brands, got some pita bread from the bakery and finished packing our bags. We got a taxi to the bus station (360 RSD) and arrived way to early at 9:30. We were told so many different things from the people working at our hostel that we just got there early to sort it out. We were trying to get to Sofia, so apparently we have to get a bus from Belgrade to Nis (pronounced Niche) but there is a direct bus to Sofia at 12:30 with Nis Express so we got that one. It was 2839 RSD each and then the 60 RSD luggage fee.

We played our usual time wasting games like Briscola, and celebrity heads. I shocked Ricky when I guessed Don Burke. When we got on the bus it was nearly full and there weren’t any toilets (be prepared for this if you’re traveling Eastern Europe. We slept on the bus and did admin stuff.

We found out half way that the bus isn’t actually direct – we had a scary 15 minutes to register and jump onto our connecting bus. Some really nice locals let us push in and the workers there typed with one finger. Our second bus was nicer, company called ‘Matpu’, but again, no toilet.

At the Bulgarian border Ricky handed over his Italian passport. The lady conveniently spoke Italian (Ricky can’t speak Italian btw); she was really confused at how he had the passport but couldn’t speak the language and they had a broken English conversation before she gave up and let him through. While we were waiting for the people on our bus to get through the border we were egging on one of the kids from the bus to jump up the wall – he loved it.



Things we missed; Seafood District, Crepes, Clubbing along the boats, War Island.

Live Music; you have to tip the musicians at a restaurant if they approach you.


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