BJJ – Bali

Gi Fundamentals @ Bali Muay Thai & MMA

Getting There – Massive pain in the arse. Took a taxi from Legian for the 1800 class. Left at 1505, arrived 1815….ridiculous traffic. Taxi cost 114000 IDR. Address is available on the website. Waited on the street after class for a taxi, after about 15 minutes just bailed and got the gym to call one (had to wait another 20 minutes). Taxi back took about 30 minutes, 72000 IDR.

Neighbourhood – Pretty small little area, looks pretty nice and relaxing but you’d probably need a scooter to get around. Nice not getting pestered every 10 m.

Cost – 200000 IDR / class

School – Nice school, big outside bag / ring area and then a matted and air-conditioned inside area for grappling. Unfortunately timetable changed this week (Monday 8/10/16) so class was actually Gi Fundamentals instead of No-Gi. Gi rental is 50000 but after a bit of push back I got a free rental thankfully. As of Wednesday 10/10/16 website timetable not updated, see below in case it’s different to the website. Maybe contact them just in case.







Class – Class taught by Andrew Leone, trained with them (him and his brother) a few years back at Phuket Top Team. Olavo Abreu (from Phuket Top Team) was also there watching (and helping) as he is in town for a seminar (and award the Leone brothers their black belts) which was awesome. Meant to be Gi Fundamentals but only 2 white belts, everyone else was blue / purple and 3 browns. Mostly Australians.

Warmup – Missed most of it since the taxi was late, did some reverse shrimps up and down the mat and then partner dragging using the sleeves up and down the mat. 10 guard armbars on each side to end it off.

Technique – Check out the videos on YouTube. Some notes from Olavo though on the clock choke (not on the video).

  • Instead of grabbing the wrist, he likes to grab the opposite lapel while choking (double lapel grips).
  • Twist the lapel out if you can before grabbing (choking lapel)
  • Make sure you’re not putting you’re head right next to them when finishing (or leg near them when starting) head should be across diagonally (~ 30o to shoulder)
  • Most Important – Hips should be heavy on their near side shoulder. Also can help to switch hips out too. Heavy hips is more important than putting head to the mat.

Drilling – Didn’t have a partner so sat out. Can’t really remember what it was but about 6 different positions, 30 s each. Go for sweep / submission (example start mount, back, side control, guard etc)

Rolling – 3 x 3 minute rounds, 1 minute rest.

No-Gi @ Synergy BJJ

Getting There – Easy / cheap taxi, could probably walk from Legian (about 3.5 km). Taxi from Seminyak was 25000 IDR and taxi back to Legian was 16000 IDR (got dropped at Mercure and walked down).

Neighbourhood – Just outside of the main Legian strip, plenty of taxis driving around after the class. Cheap grocery store downstairs. Gym is located in the same centre as Hammerhead Fitness (possibly the only squat rack in Bali).

Cost – 150000 IDR

School – Pretty large school, lots of mobility gear, heaps of matted area and boxing bags. School seems to share timetable with lots of other arts too.

IMG_20160810_171016041 IMG_20160810_171622942









Class – Decent size, probably around 12+. Large matted area.

Warmup – Can’t remember….think we just did our own stuff and then started technique.

Technique – Eddie Cummings style saddle entries from butterfly guard (two different ones). I sucked at them massively but recorded a video of them after class (wasn’t allowed to record class). Some key notes where:

  • Reaping knee should be on the mat right next to them
  • Shin should be across their hip
  • Other foot should be flat on the floor
  • When on bottom, keep knee up / in stomach to sweep, don’t allow to get crushed down (found not entering too deep / staying to the side helped)
  • Hook the far toes with your hand if you can instead of ankle
  • Sweep to whichever side is easier (back or roll forward and over them)
  • To sweep, pull the far foot and use other hand to pull on their knee (destabilising base) then use your saddle knee to give the final push.
  • For the second technique (which I was still struggling with during the video … just didn’t click) need to make sure you’re going nearly 180o or the leg positioning won’t work.

Rolling – 45 minutes, 5 minute rounds.


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