Wrestling – Belgrade


“No-Gi” a.k.a Wrestling @Kimura BJJ Academy

After getting excited about training the previous day but having to cancel, finally made it to a training session. Coincidentally saw the videos from the previous nights class on r/bjj. Note the timetable says No-Gi but it’s actually a Wrestling class. If only I had of known, could have used my new shoes I’ve been lugging around for 2.5 months and yet to try!

Getting There – Relatively easy to find, write-up on their website about the location and can just use Google Maps (Kimura BJJ). Inside the “Olympic Fight Centre”. Coming from where we stayed (New Hostel), you’ll see the big white banner.

Neighbourhood – Seemed fine.

Cost – Not sure, free class.

School – Everyone was super friendly, massive mat space with thick mats. Really nice gym.

Class – Tuesday class, various classes run 6 days a week (I think 4 gi, 2 no-gi, check website). About 10 guys, pretty much everyone had decent English. Class started at 17:15 and finished 18:30, unfortunately no extra time to roll after as TKD need the space afterwards.

Warmup – Wrestling rugby (see video on their FB page). Seemed to be able to throw forward though which confused me at first and throw the ball over the line. Basically can go on all fours or knees, can’t stand. Everything else is legal to move / remove people or the ball. Good warmup!

Technique – First technique was just a few minutes of practice then 5 – 10 minutes each for the other two. Videos were recorded and meant to be on the FB page but the quality was shitty so have put others in where possible.

  • First technique was just using the whizzer to spin them. Main take-away was if they have a deep underhook (up onto the shoulder) to use your other arm to push on their underhooking shoulder while jolting your shoulder back to force them into a low underhook. Can’t find any videos of the spin (basic) or the grip break.

  • Second technique was the whizzer to the firemans carry. Main points were to:

  • Final technique was going from the whizzer to the lateral drop. Again, the main points where to:

    • Do this technique if you whizzer and they stay tall / hips in.

    • Chest to chest

    • Use overhook to pull down, underhook to push up but main throwing motion comes from your body weight.

    • Opposite side leg to underhook shots straight out as falling – use bodyweight to pull them over and sitting off centre / hip bump + a bit of upper body does the twisting.

Drilling – Practised the two main techniques for about 5 minutes, getting it a bit more fluid and live motion.

Rolling – Rolled with main instructor first up for one round then did about 3 rounds of wrestling. Rounds were about at least 2 – 3 minutes minimum. Definitely shouldn’t have eaten the large McDonald’s meal for lunch. Felt the effects of not training big time.



SIDENOTE – Was hoping to hit up Lutador BJJ afterwards but was too wrecked and we were supposed to be meeting friends. I asked one of the guys and he said they’re a really good club too with 3 black belts, and they organise most of the competitions in the area. Note if you’re planning to go there, the address on the website (near Sava Temple) is different to the location shown by Google Maps if you type Lutador BJJ (about 350 m from our hostel). Double check first. Could have made it though since class starts at 19:00 but wasn’t sure which one, definitely possible to do both. Also note on the website that Google Translate will incorrectly translate the days as something like “Saturday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday” or something weird, Googled what the actually words are for the days in Serbian and the timetable should read “Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday”.


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