War and Herzegovina Tour

War / Herzegovina Tour

At Hostel Miran they hold a war/ Herzegovina Tour. It went all day and it was really good, but we thought that there tour was built up a little bit and we felt like it should have had more information. For 30 Euros here is what was covered::

Ex-Yugoslavia Secret Bunker across from Mostar airport (there were stray puppies!!)

IMG_20160718_105105631_HDR IMG_20160718_105116839

Blagaj Takija (Dervish House); Here we saw the fastest running stream in Europe. Here we got a coffee and admired the view.

IMG_20160718_112544584 IMG_20160718_112558635_HDR

Buna Channel; While we stopped here both Miran and his cousin spoke about the infamous Stari Most bridge jump. They told us that since the famous Australian Duo Hamish and Andy, visited the city and completed the challenge, a lot of travellers have now come thinking they can also do it. Apparently 5 tourists in the last few years have died and almost every other tourist suffers a major injury.


Porcitelj; we had a 45 min break here. Apparently this little place used to be a stop for travellers who wanted to buy fruit. Miran ended up getting us all free samples of plums/apricots/peaches and mulberries. We ended up buying heaps of delicious fruit before heading up to the castle and getting an amazing view of the river.

IMG_20160718_125218762 IMG_20160718_130426915IMG_20160718_131659417

Kravica Falls; the entry into the falls wasn’t included in our tour price (4 BAM). The water was freezing so Ricky and most of the group went for a swim while I was designated photographer. They got to jump off of a safe rock. Ricky ended up being too long for the jump and when he landed his lefts went into the soft ground.


Lunch; Also wasn’t included in the price. We paid like 7BAM each for massive meat platters with salad, bread and salsa. It was amazing!

Cross on the hill; This is when we started the war part of the tour. We were driven up to where the cross is overlooking the city and sat down underneath. Miran discussed the war both from a political and personal point of view before his cousin took us for a walk to the Croatian bunkers. On the way he showed us shrapnel and warned us how it’s not safe to walk along the grass because of the mines. He told us a few years ago 2 children found a grenade when playing; unfortunately they didn’t know what it was and ended up cracking it open and killed themselves.

IMG_20160718_172744924 IMG_20160718_172912451 IMG_20160718_180310126



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