Bosnia – Mostar Part 2

War / Herzegovina Tour, Black Dog Pub & Ice-Cream

The War and Herzegovina Tour was a full day tour, so to read about it, you can click onto our War and Herzegovina Tour blog post.

After the tour we quickly got changed to meet up with our New Zealand Friends Andy and Vicky at the Cave club. The beers were pretty pricey there so we took them to the Black Dog pub where we had been the night before. We stayed there until 11:30 before heading out for an ice-cream hunt.

We got Ferrero Rocher and Bueno, the most exciting flavours in the world; sadly they were super disappointing. On our walk back to the hostel we ran into the girl from our tour and she was with one of the guys at Andy and Vicky’s hostel so we stayed for a bit with them before heading to bed.



Bruce Lee Statue, Sniper Tower & Bosnian Treats

Ricky did some printing (@InCopy) in the morning and when we went to pay the guy didn’t have change. He told Ricky just to pay later with a smaller note. Straight after that Ricky went and got his hair cut, so after he went back to the shop and the guy didn’t recognise him at all until he mentioned paying for the printing.

We had some lunch, and then went to the Park Zrinjevac to see the Bruce Lee statue. Apparently the reason for the statue was to have universal hero – who doesn’t love Bruce Lee?

IMG_20160719_125541428 IMG_20160719_125406060

We did try to go to the Partisan Cemetery but we couldn’t find the entrance. We had seen photos from Andy and Vicky, and also heard about how overgrown it was so we didn’t bother looking any harder and bailed.

Tried to go to the Partisan Cemetery but couldn’t find the entrance…. seen photos and heard now it’s overgrown and not as nice. On the way to the Sniper Tower we played in the playground for a bit and attempted to use the see-saw = fail.


The Sniper Tower is crazy. It’s not a museum, it’s legitimately been left the way it was all those years ago. You definitely need to wear closed in shoes from all the glass and rubbish everywhere. We’ve also been told not to go late at night as some people still use it to sleep in (not dangerous, but just to be respectful). We were able to go all the way onto the roof. The artwork and the view was the best part.

IMG_20160719_134840075_HDR IMG_20160719_134847182 IMG_20160719_140107041 IMG_20160719_203821034

After that we went down to old town, attempted and failed to find Ricky some shoes and then got some Burek from a bakery.

We hadn’t tried Baklava yet, so we stopped at a cafe and had baklava, Bosnian coffee, Turkish tea and n espresso. The tea and coffees were average but the Baklava was amazing.



We were lazy from all the site-seeing and had a nap back at the hostel before going out to dinner with Vicky and Andy. We went to Saray which was alright and had some ice-cream afterwards


Again we went back to Black Dog Pub and had beers and played presidents and assholes.

IMG_20160718_230545106 IMG_20160718_230554593


Trains between Mostar & Sarajevo; they don’t run anymore.

Sarajevo Wine; Čitluk wine is incredible (tour guide told us)

Banks; UniCredit Bank fee free ATM with Citibank Card


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