Bosnia – Mostar Part 1

Hostel Miran, Neretva Hotel & Mehmed Karadoz Moschee

Because we arrived in Mostar at 1:30 in the morning we were a little anxious to get to our Hostel. We saw ‘Hostel David’ when we arrived to the destination Google maps had set. We rang the doorbell (said 24hours at the front) and a young guy answered the door. We asked if we were in the right place and he got really angry, apparently everyone confuses the 2 hostels. We apologsed and showed him Google maps just so he knows why everyone is making the mistake, but he didn’t really care. He just kept getting angry and gesturing for us to walk down a little further.

We got to Hostel Miran in 1 piece and I completely forgot we had booked a private room so that was a nice surprise.
In the morning we woke up at 8am to do the day tour with Miran, he then told us that it was cancelled because of other people going the next day instead. We just chilled and had some breakfast. Ricky had too much chocolate spread and I was shattered so I went back to sleep for a little bit while Ricky was wide eyed.

We left the hostel at around 12:30 with our first stop being Neretva Hotel. We couldn’t find it on Google Maps but if you go to any bridge you’ll see it. It’s awesome to see the contract between the blown up hotel and the new one next to it.

IMG_20160717_120451576_HDR IMG_20160717_120535003_HDR

The second stop was Mehmed Karadoz Moschee, which is a 500 year old Mosque. We only paid 2.5 Euro to get in but the guy was really nice and when he found out we were Aussies he let us climb to the top for free.

IMG_20160717_122445235 IMG_20160717_122808854 IMG_20160717_122925544

Muslibegovic House, Cevapi and Stari Most

The Muslibegovic House was just up the road from the Mosque so we paid the 4 Euro to go inside. The layout was pretty cool, open area in the centre of each level then rooms around. It’s a national monument and we were pretty shocked you can actually book to stay here as well.

IMG_20160717_125040825  IMG_20160717_125127570 IMG_20160717_125340817_HDR
We had lunch at Saray which was really nice! I had veal and Ricky had Cevapi. We ended up giving the guy a tip so he was happy. There was a playground in the restaurant as well, saw a hilarious kid run from the entrance all the way to the playground screaming ‘Barp Barp Barrrrppp’.

Next stop was Koskin-Mehmed Pasha mosque – another 5EU so we didn’t bother going in. Instead we wandered around the markets (Old Bazaar Kujundziluk) and stopped at the cave nightclub (Ali babas Cave) to walk through and down the corridor to the proper entrance.

IMG_20160717_140609745 IMG_20160717_140615246

We looped back around and saw the ‘Don’t Forget Stone’ and did a little bit more market exploring before we saw Stari Most, Aka Old Bridge. We arrived just in time to see one of the locals do the bridge jump.


The water wasn’t that cold, but as soon as we saw one of the locals jump off we instantly knew both of us weren’t attempting the bridge jump.

Crooked Bridge, Black Dog Pub & Turkish House (Kajtaz)

We wandered to Crooked Bridge (Kriva Cuprija) and had a brewski at local brewery, Black Dog Pub. I had the Red Ale (3EU middy) and Ricky tried the Pale Ale (5EU pint).

IMG_20160717_150059045 IMG_20160717_145004848
We went to the Turkish House (Kajtaz). This was probably the best thing we did all day. We paid 10BAM (including a tip) between us and the lady who lived there greeted us with rose lemonade – it was delicious. For the next hour she gave us her undivided attention, we learnt so much about the house and who lived there.

IMG_20160717_160256169 IMG_20160717_163712809_HDR
We went back to the hostel after that for a quick break. We went to the mall later in the afternoon, went food shopping and cooked some dinner. While we were cooking the Polish receptionist queried Ricky’s Italian passport and said that his last name meant ‘loose’ in Polish haha. It’s actually pronounced Loo-szch-knee, Luźny.
Admin stuff, blogs etc


Getting cash out; Raiffeisen bank – 5BAM fee, walked 50m to Ziraat bank – no fee with our Citibank Cards.

Walking around; Mostar has lots of little streets, but it’s completely safe, even late at night.

Cevapi; Don’t you dare leave Mostar without having it.


2 thoughts on “Bosnia – Mostar Part 1

  1. Thanks for the restaurant tip with the playground. Will be in Mostar next month with our 4 year old. Sounds like it could be a good one for us!


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