Montenegro – Kotor

Montenegro Hostel, Washing & Home Cooking

When we got off at the bus terminal we had about a 15 minute walk to our hostel (Montenegro Hostel). It took ages to find it in the old city. It ended up being right next to the maritime museum. As soon as we got there we dumped 2 loads of washing off at reception (5 Euro a bag) and went food shopping.

We looked into going to the Sea Dance festival in Budva that weekend but we found out that getting back to Kotor in the same night would be really difficult and expensive. If we were staying in Budva we probably would have gone, but thought it was too hard this time around. We had a nap and then ended up cooking dinner in the Hostel.

After that we were super boring and went to bed really early. Ricky was shattered from the 40km+ ride at 5:30am and I was tired from the 3 days of hiking.

Old Town Walls, Omelettes & Thunderstorms

In the morning it took us about an hour to wander around the old city and outside the old town walls. The wall itself took 15 minutes. After that we wandered over to the shopping centre and had breakfast at Soleil. It was 3 Euro for an omelette so we were happy. We just bummed around the hostel after that because it started to rain and the thunderstorm had hit. I cleaned out my backpack, painted my nails, Skyped home and did other admin stuff.

IMG_20160715_114503065 IMG_20160715_100101738_HDR  IMG_20160715_115742928








We ventured out to post the postcards I had bought earlier and to do a quick food shop. We got caught in heavy rain so when we eventually got back to the hostel we chilled in our room with a Dutch girl and ate popcorn together.

Fortress On the Hill & Maximum Nightclub

After dinner it stopped raining so we went for another walk. We walked past Maximum Nightclub that was having their re-grand opening that night (opened at 11) but we couldn’t see anyone and it looked like it needed another day of getting ready.

We decided to walk up to the fortress on the hill. It’s normally 3 EU but after 6pm it’s free! I think it would have been better to have gone at sunset because you would have been able to get better photographs of the city, but our night photos were pretty cool still. It only took an hour to walk up and down but you definitely need a light (we just used our phones).

IMG_20160715_205423514 IMG_20160715_213430829IMG_20160715_210954586





When we got back to the hostel everyone was back (1 girl from Finland, another guy from Australia) we all were iffing and umming on whether or not to hit the nightclub. After Jake got back from the kitchen we found out it was free entry so we all got ready and said fuck it. We got there around 11:30 and it was pretty dead. We paid 2.5 Euro for a beer and the staff kept telling us off for being in ‘reserved’ areas, everywhere was reserved. I still find it weird that people can smoke in a nightclub. After we finished our beers we bailed, it looked like Metropolis freo but better.


Departing for Mostar

In the morning all 4 of us went out for breakfast together at our secret cheap shopping centre breakfast spot after we checked out. We left for the bus station just after 2 and headed for the main bus terminal. We had already printed our confirmation of booking paper, but they made us pay another 2 Euro per person to print out a ticket that said the same thing; they also told us the bus was running an hour late.

We ate our sandwiches while waiting and we had a stray cat come near us so Ricky gave him a bit of Salami. The cat then attacked his legs afterwards and gave him a little scratch. The bus finally got to Kotor at 4:30, an hour and a half late, we paid the luggage fee and hopped onto the bus.

On the way we saw 2 crashes which may have contributed to the reason why it was so late. We got to the MNE border and it took us about 30 minutes to get through. An Albanian guy from our bus got grilled and his bags got searched. At this point we both made bets to see what time we’d end up in Mostar; Closest time got a free dinner. I said 23:45 and Ricky said 23:10.

During the next 90 minute border crossing our elderly bus driver couldn’t work out how to stop the inside of our bus beeping. Again, the Albanian guy got grilled and the beeping continued all the way to Dubrovnik.

We got to Dubrovnik just before 9pm and for some reason had to change buses which wasn’t on our original ticket. The people at the counter were rude and unhelpful. Luckily we had some Croatian money left to pay for the luggage cost again. The bus driver was really helpful and took the time to get us our new tickets and make sure we were okay.

At 10:30pm we departed from Dubrovnik, we were so shattered we fell asleep. We had border control again and before I knew it we arrived to Mostar at 1:30 in the rain.


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