Montenegro – Zabljak Part 2

Bobotov Kuk

In the morning we woke up early to have breakfast, shower and be ready by 8:30. The Italian lady, Mikaela, and her doggie, Ardous, picked us up in her mini camper van. The 7 of us attempted to get to the park entry point but we got lost a few times; we eventually got there after 9. At least on the drive we saw something interesting; 3x 7 year olds driving a banged up hatchback.

We met 2 other guys from our hostel at the start of the hike so we all stayed together. At the beginning it seemed quite nice until we hit a point that was completely chest to ground uphill. It involved a little bit of rock climbing. It took about 30 minutes for me to reach the top because I got stuck behind a group of school kids and they were accidentally pushing down rocks.

By the time we all got to the top we realised that there was actually a safer path that we missed the signs for. We were exhausted from the day before but were happy that we were still going in the right direction.

IMG_20160713_150439731_HDR IMG_20160713_161533544






After about an hour or so of easy up and down hiking we hit a little lake that had a big rock saying Bobotov Kuk with two arrows; pointing straight and right. We continued on the path straight however this lead us over a crazy ridge with some actual rock climbing. Luckily we had lost Mikaela and one of the other guys so Ardous wasn’t with us. When we finally got to the top it was a magnificent view, but we found out that we were going the wrong way. It took us a while to get down the steep mountain and we were out of our time schedule to beat the storm in the early afternoon.

You’re actually meant to go right and continue across the rocks (we saw the markers when we went back). When we all met up at the big rock before the mountain climb one of the guys had cut his knee badly on one of the rocks. We did a quick first aid on him and I was shattered so I stayed with him while the others climbed the mountain.

IMG_20160713_134136102 IMG_20160713_132020870 IMG_20160713_133456249





IMG_20160713_132835684 IMG_20160713_145149956




I waited by the lake with the guy and in 2 hours Ricky had gone up and down. He said it was a steep climb but not as difficult as what we had done previously in the day. The roped bits are really easy.

Cost: 3 Euro (or buy 3 day pass for 6 Euro)
Time to complete: 4.5 – 7 hours
Difficulty level: Fucking hard (worse than Ice Caves)

We got back to the mini van at about 5:30 and surprisingly no storm had come around. Because we had 2 extra people with us now we all couldn’t fit in the van. Ricky and one of the other guys tried to hitchhike but they came to the realisation that they both looked like refugees. We all crammed into the van while Mikaela convinced a group of Japanese tourists to take one of the guys back.







As soon as we got to the hostel everyone went straight to the supermarket to get ice-cream, chocolate, beer and all sorts of post-fuck off mountain hiking goodies.

All of us had showers then went out to dinner at Nostalgija. After that Ricky and Nick went to the supermarket again for more ice-cream and chocolate milk.

Tara Canyon, Devils Lake & Donuts

Ricky woke up at 5:30 to cycle with some of the others to Tara Canyon. I woke up as well, but I was too shattered from all the hiking so he went without me. The reason they went so early was because some of them had a bus to catch at 9 and it usually takes 2 hours to do. Once they were at the canyon they climbed up to the bench for the viewpoint. The Hostel owner, Alex, said not to bother hiking up to the top because the view is good enough from the bench. They took photos and quickly cycled back, it only look 20 minutes back to the hostel. In total they did it in 1.5 hours but 2 hours would be a better estimate.

IMG_20160714_071626909 IMG_20160714_065651468






Ricky had a coffee while I got ready and at 8:30 we got some bikes from the hostel and biked our way to Devils Lake. We ended up getting lost because of Ricky’s GPS on his phone not working. We hit a T junction and thought we had gone too far until we used my phone. Our bus was just after 11 so we didn’t want to cut it too close. We attempted different paths but started to head back at 9:45. We got back to the hostel at 10:30, after Ricky bought a pizza and heaps of donuts from the bakery.

IMG_20160714_104403106 IMG_20160714_055340442_HDR









We made some sandwiches for our bus trip and ate our bakery stuff. We left for the bus at 11:10 (Stanisic Bus) where you have to buy tickets from the bus, not at the ticket office. It cost us 10 Euro pp to get to Kotor.


Pretty much the same as the last post

  • Download the offline maps app called Put “Новаковићи” as your pinned location for Bobotov Kuk
  • Bring at least 3 litres of water and suncreen/hat (no cover throughout the whole hike)
  • Get ice-cream after hike – milka is the shit

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