Montenegro – Zabljak Part 1

Black Lake, Hostel Hikers Den & 4 Euro Dinners

Really weird in the morning of us leaving Budva we had to pay 1 Euro each to print out a ticket, even though we had printed out a confirmation email. We also had to pay 1 Euro each for our luggage. We got to our Hostel (Hostel Hikers Den) and Alex was really accommodating.

He told us to make the most of the afternoon, so we went and bought our 3 day pass for the park. It was only 6 Euro, otherwise you would have to pay 3 Euro entry each time. The ticket guy told us we needed to give him the exact 12 Euro, unfortunately we had either just under 12 Euros or 15 Euros; he ended up giving it to us for cheaper – Winning!

We did the walk around the Black Lake, it was really really nice, but it proved difficult to take a half decent photo. We wanted to check out the smaller lake nearby and ended up getting lost/starting the 8 hour trek path so we went back to the hostel after 1.5 hours of going uphill.

IMG_20160711_154352094 IMG_20160711_153244953










Later in the evening we did a food shop for our upcoming days of hiking and then headed for a restaurant recommended by Alex called Nostalgija. He had an agreement with them that anyone from the Hostel could get a salad, main and drink for 4 Euros. We ended up getting the Goulash and it was really nice, it was also a bonus that a few people spoke English. After that we went back to the hostel and chilled with everyone.

Ice Cave Trail, New Friends & Free BBQ

In the morning we packed our lunch and headed off to the Black lake to get to the entry point for the Ice Cave trail. I wanted to buy another bottle of water so we stopped at the supermarket along the way, which we ran into 4 people who were also doing the same trail from our Hostel so we decided to all go together.

This hike is really nice, lots of shade and lots of other people are there as well. We ended up meeting an Italian lady called Mikaela on the way with her amazing dog Arbhas. He loved jumping in the snow patches and running up to the front of the group and then running all the way back to the last person constantly.

IMG_20160712_102342986 IMG_20160712_121304551





Something to note about the hike; you have to follow the path that says Bobatov Kuk until you hit the T junction then turn right to go towards the ice cave. Don’t go “right” all the time after the shepherds hut – you can but it will be a shortcut instead of going the full way.

When we got to the ice cave we had some lunch and took heaps of photos! Arbhas discovered his own echo and was having fun barking while Ricky nearly lost his sunglasses getting down and up form the cave.

IMG_20160712_131650591 IMG_20160712_125326967 IMG_20160712_124916993_HDR











On our way down we ran into heaps of scout groups. We even got to meet more dogs!! They were mean to Arbhas though so we didn’t stay with them long.







We managed to complete the hike and get back to the Black lake within 6 hours; we heard it can usually take 8. We ran straight to the stream to fill up out water bottles as we only brought 1.5 litres each, which was definitely not enough. Alex told us that some of the streams are okay to drink from, but definitely not the lakes.

After this we decided to try find the other smaller lake we missed yesterday. The weather was pretty bad at this stage and the thunderstorm ended up being really close to where we were walking so we ended up turning back. It rained so much I ended up slipping and cutting up my knee a bit.

We ended up walking back to the supermarket, got some beers and chilled at the hostel until Alex cooked everyone a massive BBQ with salad. Was an awesome way to end the day!


  • a really good offline map app to download before you go hiking.
  • Bring at least 3 litres of water
  • Always bring a mini first-aid kit on your hikes
  • Never hike alone
  • Always bring a rain jacket
  • Beers after a hike are the best!



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