Montenegro – Budva

Bus Rides, Cevapi & Beers

We had to get up at 4:30 to catch our first bus at 5:15 to the main bus terminal in Split. We were expecting hardly any people on the bus, but it ended up being packed. We got on our bus from Platform 2 and had to pay 8KM in luggage fees which seemed to be the standard for Croatia.

Halfway through our journey we had to get a 2nd bus. This bus was delayed for over an hour, so Ricky gave in and paid to use the toilet at the random bus terminal. After that we passed the time by playing Briscola. Our second bus was really small and crowded.

We paid the money to check-in our big bags and while we walked onto the bus with our daypacks one of the workers stopped Ricky and refused to let him on without checking in his smaller bag. We were both confused because people were getting on with bigger bags and we pointed that out to her; she just kept repeating ‘I don’t care, it’s not my problem. Ricky ended up taking out his laptop and putting it in our food bag, she then let us on. When we walked through the bus to find a seat we legitimately saw a person with a full size suitcase… so be careful when you’re traveling as your bags might not be safe.

On the bus we met Angie (Canadian) and her bf Morten (Norway) who were really friendly! We all got pretty nervous when we going through immigration. The bus stopped and one of the bus workers asked for everyone’s passports. They then took them all and went into the office. Everything was okay, so they started to hand back the passports once the bus started moving again. Ricky had his named called, so I immediately put out my arm to signal that the next one would be mine (people always butcher my name; understandingly). The guy then looked at my passport, paused, then shouted ‘MC ALLEN?!’, I was mortified, I quickly grabbed my passport and didn’t bother to correct him.

We arrived in Budva, 1.5 hours late so I was pretty Hangry. We dropped our bags off at our hostel ‘The Littlest Hobo‘ and headed for a local restaurant called ‘Grbalj’. We shared the 300g meatball dish that included salad, vegetables and fries. We also got complimentary bread, all for 5Euro.







We did a quick food shop at the Mega Market and Supermarket Franca. We saw the Fruit Market next to the Mega Market but couldn’t see any prices and we didn’t want to get scammed so we didn’t bother. After that we just went back to our private room and did some admin stuff and had a sneaky nap.

The lady at the hostel (Natasha) told us about the local dish ‘Cevapi’ (Pronounced Chevupy) which you can get at most fast food restaurants. Ricky smashed 1 for 2Euro and I had a piece of pizza for 1.5Euro. We went and had beers at our hostel after and played some card games.


Sveti Nikola Island, Tropica Pizza & Football Final

We woke up really late so we just chilled at the hostel until 2 and then Natasha walked us to the ferry service to get to Sveti Nikola Island (the locals call it Hawaii). We went with Galeb and it was 4Euro for a panorama tour which was 45minutes and then you get dropped off at Hawaii. The boat was meant to do pick-ups every hour but we were waiting for over an hour for one to get back. It will usually get to the island at quarter to the hour, not on the hour.

When we got to Hawaii we went to the back of the island to swim. Ricky climbed the massive rock to see the epic viewpoint. After about an hour or so we were ready to leave, but I had to pee really bad, so that’s how I think we missed the first boat.
















While we waited for over an hour Ricky decided to jump off the dock every few minutes to cool down. We were starving by the time we got back to the island so Ricky and I got a piece of pizza again from Tropica (wasn’t as good as Obala pizza).

By that time it was 6pm and we ran out of time to visit the other beaches (Jaz, Mogren and Ploce) but the lady at the hostel said that the island was the better choice. We went food shopping and I got fruit for dinner while Ricky went and got another Cevapi from Obala. We chilled back at the hostel, had a few drinks and Natasha made amazing chips for everyone.

We got a crepe before we headed over to the old town to watch the Football final, but there was no atmosphere for it. We ended up walking across the jetty admiring all of the epic yachts.







Everyone had gone to bed when we got back to the Hostel, so we just went to our room and packed our bags for the next day and had an early bed.


  • Super strict passport controls (Croatian / Montenegro on this leg and also Bosnian on previous leg – need to pass through Bosnia to get to Dubrovnik).
  • Food – street food galore in Budva; take advantage of the beach front fast food places. 2Euro for dinner!
  • Beaches – are all full of rocks, we saw heaps of people wearing those closed in swimming shoes.
  • Tap water is okay to drink here.
  • It’s not customary to tip, but rounding up to the dollar is expected.
  • Try the pizza from Obala Pizza when it’s fresh.

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