Slovenia – Ljubljana

Pronounced ‘Lu-blee-ah-nah

Police, Historic Centre and Food Markets

When we caught the bus from Vienna to Ljubljana we had a weird encounter with the police at the Slovenian border. Two guys dressed undercover came on the bus with guns asking to see everyone’s passports. I was really confused (I didn’t hear the bus driver say border control) so I asked one of the guys if they were police, they were really rude and ending up taking an EU citizen off the bus because they didn’t have their passport.

Some people on our bus got aggressive and defended the guy without his passport (you used to be able to cross borders with just an ID card). Ricky and I were relived we had our EU passports… it seemed anyone who was outside of the EU was grilled. When we got to Ljubljana we had a bit of a chuckle while walking to our Hostel. Ricky told me really loudly to ‘Move out of the way for the lady’; turns out it was a dude with a man bun on a bike, he wasn’t impressed.

We stayed at Ava Hostel (super average, super cheap) so we dropped our shit off and within the hour of wandering around the Historic Centre we saw:
• Dragon Bridge,
• The awesome food markets, (we immediately ditched the idea of saving money and cooking dinner)
• Franciscan Church,
• Kongresni trg Square,
• Robba Fountain,
• Fresh Fruit Market – got delicious apricots for 3EU/kg,
• Butchers Bridge,

At the food markets I got a pad thai because the line for it was huge and it was 5Euro, while Ricky got Egyptian mix tauk and shwarma, they were both really good! After that we were fatties and shared a Ferrero Rocher Crepe (Nutella, nut mix, chocolate syrup and nuts on top)… fucking a-mazing. While we ate we played Briscola in-front of St Nicholas Cathedral and also got to see the Triple bridge.

Ljubljana Castle, Metelkova Mesto and Tivoli Park

In the morning we ventured out to Ljubljana Grad (castle), the walk up was really steep. We only looked at it from the outside and played some Briscola in the park nearby. We didn’t want to pay to get into the castle and later someone from our Hostel confirmed – it’s a waste of money.

We saw the Ursuline church on way back and opposite the church was Kongresi Trg, a services fair. There were heaps of dogs at the fair; I fell in love with this German Shepherd.

We got sandwiches from the Spar supermarket for 1.75Euro and Bananas then went back to the Hostel for a break. Ricky was really tired so while he had a nap I watched Game of Thrones ep.9 for the 3rd time and did some admin stuff.

After Ricky woke up we got the Hostel to print some of our bus tickets for us and then we headed out to Metelkova Mesto. It was really cool, free and definitely worth a visit. Graffiti, art and off structures are everywhere. It used to be an army barrack and then it was abandoned, then squatters took place and it kind of went from there. I think we saw a hostel, bar and restaurant too, but I think you’re better off seeing it at night (maybe leave your expensive cameras and valuables behind just in case).

We walked past the bus station on the way back so we decided to try to book our tickets to Lake Bled the next day. The Guy at the counter was an asshole, he was really rude and didn’t explain that the cost was double with reservation fee. We ended up saying no. We walked through Tivoli park, which was just a big tennis park, it was cool but nothing extravagant. We stayed there for a bit and played Briscola.

Our last meal was at Abi Falafel, we both had a salad and meat meal, it was nice. We went to the Famous Cacao ice-creamery after and both got double servings, Ricky read the sign wrong and thought they were really cheap, ending up costing $10AUD (worth it). That night was horrible in the hostel room, we had some Russian people that were really rude, there was a storm and the church bells went off every hour (EVERY HOUR).


Accommodation; Ava Hostel, it’s poo – any hostel you stay in will be in a good location (the city is really small). My advice would be to check on Google Maps how close it is to the red church as the bell rings every hour, 24 hours a day.
Only spend 1 or 2 nights; It’s a nice stopover town before Lake Bled. We smashed it all out within 2 nights.
Booking Lake Bled; You can just do it at the bus station on the day, the buses come every hour. (costs 6EU and takes 1.15hrs)


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