Slovenia – Lake Bled

Maccas, Vintgar Gorge & Home Cooked Meals

We caught the 6EU bus to Lesce (the C is pronounced softly). The lady in the morning was really helpful, way better than the other butthole from the other night. It only took about 1.15hrs to get to Lake Bled from there. A group of us tried to check in early (1A Adventure Hostel), but we were told to come back in 2 hours. There was a massive Lidl Supermarket about 500m away so we did a big food shop and had Maccas for lunch. Luckily the people working there spoke English so I was able to order Ricky’s without sauce. The WIFI was surprisingly good so I was able to Skype my little brother for a bit as well. After we checked in we met our roomies who were 2 couples, 1 French Canadian and the other New Zealand. Everyone was really friendly so we all decided to go out to the Vintgar Gorge for the afternoon, even though it was raining.

We took the 1.3EU bus to Lake Bled and then took a Maxi Taxi to the Gorge which was 2.5EU each for 6 of us. The entry cost to get into the gorge was 4EU and 3EU for students. We walked through the gorge and got some epic photographs.

IMG_20160703_144618159 IMG_20160703_144833979_HDR IMG_20160703_145453147

We followed the wrong path downhill which was really muddy and off-road before we hit the bottom of the falls. The boys decided to jump into the freezing cold 6C water and they loved it. It was pretty funny watching everyone jump in and realising how cold it was.


The walk back to Bled was majority downhill except for the initial 800m climb. From there we were able to get the bus back to Lesce and cook some dinner with everyone.

Church Bells, Lake Bled and Local Cake

We thought we had heard the end of church bells, but at about 7am the local church bell went off, ringing every 15minutes from there. I got ready (full shower/clothes/everything) then face planted it back to bed until 9:20. We all rushed to get ready for the free hostel shuttle to Bled at 10.

When we got to Bled, the French Canadian couple left to meet up with a friend and so Vicky & Andy (New Zealand couple) and an American guy, Jake all hung out together. We Dawdled around lake which was 5.5 km and had our home made lunch at the beach and chilled. Before lunch went up to Café Villa and checked out the view. We missed the main view point unfortunately but still got lots of good photos.

IMG_20160704_114013752 IMG_20160704_103810481_HDR

We got water from Pizza Rustika (2EU) can definitely get cheaper, so stock up at a Lidl beforehand. We walked up to the castle via the road (back way) – much better than taking all the stairs up. We found the secret path next to the castle but it was closed for maintenance and it was 10EU to get in, so we didn’t bother.

We had a break at Slascicarna Smon which was most recommended for the cream cake. It was really good, like a vanilla slice. Ricky hates cream, but he liked it. It was pretty cheap too for coffee.

After that we caught a Maxi Taxi again with the same guy back to Lesce for 1.5EU each. We did a small shop at Lidl and I managed to score 2 pairs of shorts for under $10AUD. It was at the Lidl that we realised that we left our little bag back at the café.

After we did some stuff at the hostel, Ricky realised that he missed the pick-up shuttle to get back into Bled to get the bag, but luckily the hostel rang the café and they said they would keep it safe for us. Ricky then decided at 8:25pm (they close at 9pm) that he wanted to run all the way to Bled to get the bag. He made it with 5minutes to spare. We all played cards, drank and planned activities for the next day.

Jasna Lake, Ice-cream and Chill

Vicky, Andy and I woke up late so we missed our 8:30am bus to Jasna Lakes. Instead we got the 9:30 bus to see the pretty little lake which was really clear and only about a 2km walk from bus station.

IMG_20160705_111355401_HDR IMG_20160705_111211845

We had lunch there, had a mini competition for skimming rocks and Andy had a swim as well. Our original plan was to get the bus to Trenta and do the Soca Valley. Vicky and Andy had to get to their next Hostel so we would be cutting it close (about a 5 hour round trip) so we just caught the 13:10 bus back to Lesce.

After we got back to Lesce we went to the Spar, where Vicky and Ricky got a decent coffee milk. We hit up the Lidl after to get cheap ice-creams. We got back to the hostel and just chilled until they had to leave. We played Briscola, had beers and smashed 2 packets of popcorn. After they left we made dinner, packed our bags and had an early night.


What we missed; Next time note also would like to do Boka Waterfalls (near Bovec). We think you need to stay closer to Trenta / Bovec to do these – it’s hard to do them from Bled.

Accommodation; 1A Adventure Hostel. A really good hostel located about 3kms from Lake Bled. Don’t let the location put you off, the owner organises free shuttles everyday and they can even pick you up from Lake Bled too. Their kitchen is decent and the rooms are comfortable. We would probably stay there again as you can cover the lake within a morning.


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