Croatia – Zagreb

Lesce to Zagreb, Old Town and Sri Lankan

We checked out of Lesce and caught the 10:08 bus to Ljubljana. I had epic sinus pain for the whole morning so I was nursing the Nurofen and decongestant spray. We bummed around for about an hour when we arrived at 11:10. Be careful with the bus departure points in Ljubljana, we ended up being at the wrong stop and sprinted to our bus stop a few minutes before it was due; we later found out it was running 20minutes late.

On our bus ride we had to get out at the border, show our passports then walk across. NOTE: for those of who you are wondering why we haven’t mentioned visas or anything beforehand is because Ricky and I both have European passports (Ricky; Italian and I have Irish).

We later arrived in Zagreb, and our hostel (My Way Hostel Zagreb) was a short walk from there (less than 1 km). We dropped our stuff off and went exploring through the old town, park, chapels, shops, pop up bars and even saw some marching guys.

IMG_20160706_174208250 IMG_20160706_174529625 IMG_20160706_193443053

On our way to find food Ricky spotted street corn; unfortunately it wasn’t as good as Bali, but nice enough. We also exchanged a heap of money (Hungarian and Czech) at a place called Kapital. The rate was okay, but there weren’t any fees so we did alright (missed out on like 3Euro from the official rate).

The Sri Lankan Curry Bowl restaurant grabbed our attention and I got the chicken curry while Ricky got a street food option called Kotthu, we also tried the local lemonade, which is pure lemon juice with a small bit of water; definitely need to add sugar. They were both great so we’d recommend it for something different.

We then walked around some more, went to the local Billa for breakfast food for the next day then had a shower and went to bed early.


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