Austria – Vienna

RegioJet, Airbnb and Shit Kebabs

On our last morning in Budapest Ricky got his finger stuck in the handle of his coffee mug. It was possibly the funniest 5 minutes of him going into panic. After that we caught our RegioBus to Vienna.

IMG_20160628_104516966 IMG_20160628_104512707_HDR

(bus stop in Budapest to get to Vienna)

We had to wait 2 hours for our Airbnb’s Roommate to let us in. We realized that the apartment was right next to the university. The rooms were massive but unfortunately the Husky puppy we thought they had was not there.

It was late so we went out for dinner. Ricky read a review about Kent Restaurant and we thought we’d try it. We had a pretty shit kebab, had to wait 25-30minutes and it was super average. Ricky was still hungry afterwards so we found a ‘Fast Box’ place right around the corner from the apartment so he got a fried chicken noodle box.

Skype, Ringstrasse and Karlskirche

We woke up pretty late the next day, about 11 and just went food shopping and did our washing. We skyped Ricky’s parents as it was his mums birthday. After an hour or so we took the train to the Palace but because it was 4pm they wouldn’t let us book a tour (closes at 5:30). We took another train into the city and walked ¾ of the Ringstrasse. We saw Karlskirche which was cool, the columns are impressive. We walked along the river with our Ice-creams from the supermarket. Ricky got a Cornetto Taco after I talked him into it, he said I hyped it up too much and he wished he got a banana milk.  We also walked past:

  • One of the Otto Wagner Haus’ (on Schottenring)
  • University of Vienna
  • Rathaus
  • The back of the Parliament building

IMG_20160629_164548824 IMG_20160629_172607338 IMG_20160630_154946839_HDR

We had dinner at home that night and just did some admin stuff.

Palace, Exploring the city and Schnitzels

It was our 6 year anniversary so we decided to have the busiest day in the entire world. We did the palace tour in the morning which took 3 hours. We paid the 20EU each (I had my student card) and even bought stuff from the snack bar; we have been trying to cut out breakfast, but I got too hungry and caved.

We got our mini headsets and started the tour. Ricky got skunted for taking photos at the entrance. There were signs everywhere but we were just focusing on the headsets and didn’t look. Definitely buy the grand tour ticket as the imperial tour is just the palace and costs a few Euros less. The palace is insane, all the original furniture is still there. We found out that you can walk around the gardens for free, but you have to pay to get into the privy garden, orange garden and maze (grand ticket includes all of this).

IMG_20160630_103530815 IMG_20160630_111115538 IMG_20160630_110536445 IMG_20160630_113735297

The recommended time was 3-4hrs for everything but we managed to smashed it in 2.5hrs. In the maze there is a cool mirror art piece; Ricky managed to scare the shit out of me and I was on anxiety edge for the rest of the maze.

We did a quick food shop on the way back to the apartment for the next day. We also tried to exchange money at BOA, but it was such a rip off because they charge a minimum fee of like 8EU. We had lunch and relaxed for an hour or two before heading out again. We walked into city (only took 20-30minutes) along the Ringstrasse (remaining section), we saw:

  • Front of the Parliament building
  • Imperial Palace,
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum,
  • State Opera house,
  • Dawdled in towards the historic centre went to change money at blue money change place. Again massive rip with fees, didn’t bother.
  • Crossfields Aussie Pub – 5EU for a Ginger Beer, not in this lifetime mate,
  • Albertina museum,
  • St Stephens Cathedral.

After all that we sat in the park for a little bit. We were entertained by the after school kids group attempting to each ice-creams, one poor little kid was downgraded to eating his ice-cream out of a cup instead of a cone after he was caught with it everywhere besides his mouth.

We had an early dinner at Figlmueller and managed to get in without a booking. They are known in Vienna for having the best Schnitzel. We paid about $55AUD for 2 fuck-off sized Schnitzels, 1 small serve of roast potato and 1 soft drink. It was pricey, but a novelty.


Afterwards we walked around and got ice-cream from an unexpectedly good café. It was called Cafe Coffee Day (ice-cream from Antica Gelateria del Corso). Ricky had hazelnut and pistachio, while I had yoghurt berry and mango sorbet, it was the best.


When we got back (around 7:30) it started to rain, so we just had showers, packed and watched a movie.


  • Accommodation; is very expensive in Vienna, even our AirBnb was pricey. You can ideally stay anywhere in Vienna, their train system is really good – and quick!
  • Things we missed; Belvedere Palace Museum, Hundertwasser Haus, Coffee @ phil or burg.ring1 (Vienna supposedly has high-rated coffee).
  • Getting around; Don’t even look on Google Maps. Just download the map of the train system and work it out yourself. I don’t think their trail system is synced with Google Maps, so a 10minute train trip will come up as a 2 hour bus ride if you search it on there.
  • Citibank cards; cash out at Bank of Austria with no charge
  • Flixbus; weird check in counter at bus stop to catch our international bus, allow 15 mins with the queues.

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