Budapest – Sambo

Sambo @ Hungary Sambo

Getting There – Located at Bibor Utca 1, put it in Google Maps and it’s easy enough to find. Train station within less than five minutes walking distance. Located on the street corner, has red Asian style doors and a big white banner that says something Ryu (from memory…), easy to notice. See:

Neighbourhood – Didn’t seem to have any issues, a little bit out of the main centre but easy to get to.

Cost – Not sure, free class.

School – Nice gym, instructor (very enthusiastic) and students. Relatively small mat space but big gym. Also used for other martial arts.

Class – Small class of 4-5 guys, had decent English. Supposed to usually be a bigger class. 4:30 – 6:00 PM Mondays & Wednesdays.

Warmup – Self managed, after putting the mats down everyone just did their own little routines (rolling out, dynamic stretches etc.)

Technique – Lots of techniques covered, tried to remember them all and the little details but don’t expect too much…probably forgot some whole techniques too. Tried to find videos wherever possible.

  • 3 Takedowns –

    • Harai Goshi (with sleeve & BTN grip)

    • Sleeve Drag → Sit Back TD to Kneebar

      • Basically this technique except setup with a 2 step entry (I think…can’t remember) instead of off the single leg:

      • Transition to kneebar (use legs to kick their other leg away, other kneebar rules apply).

      • Use leg to force their knee to externally rotate to get them down.

    • Sleeve Drag → Kouchi Makikomi

  • 3 Turnovers / Leg Locks (From Pancaked / Belly Down) –

    • Far Leg Calf Slice 1

    • Far Leg Calf Slice 2

      • Same calf slice as entry from single leg X guard when they spin out

      • Lift leg, spin and put your far shin through behind their knee, lean toward them keeping their foot between your bodies.

      • 2:43 & 5:00

    • Double Ankle Roll → Ankle Lock

      • Can’t find a video. While they’re pancaked, top pressure, spin in opposite direction to them. Underhook both their legs (double ankle lock style) and roll, using your legs under their hips to help spin them. Squeeze knees together to lock their legs in and finish with ankle lock.

  • Kick Counter to Some Takedown (?) to Standing Heel Hook

    • Catch kick while spinning away from their leg

    • …can’t remember….swear there was a part where I was kneeling on them and using the other leg to leg lock as well (a slicer?) … maybe that was another technique.

  • Kick Defence Open Guard → Far Leg Calf Slice / Heel Hook / Inside Heel Hook / Opposite Grip SAL

    • Defend kicks with shins, make space using hooks and kicks, enter SLX (except with the leg underhooked like normal X guard).

    • Can’t find a video….the normal chopping sweep (triangle legs to help push) to set up a heel hook / slicer / get them to turtle while standing.

    • e.g. around 1:30 …. using the leg to chop down, as they turn, slide your knee back and come up keeping their leg between your bodies and finish with calf slicer

  • Closed Guard Attacks

    • Break to Leg Slice / Knee Twist

      • Elbow in thigh, push leg down, outside knee goes on their thigh once down and then grab their foot and twist towards their head.

    • Break to Kneebar

      • Elbow in thigh, push leg down, underhook leg and lift leg onto shoulder (like basic pass) and then gable grip and grind (like finishing and guillotine) just above their knee (thigh side) and pull in

    • Reach Behind Toe-Hold

      • Probably can find a video on a Sambo instructional (seen before) – reach behind and hook their toes into your elbow and twist your body, bending their foot / twisting their knee

  • 3 Grip Breaks (Lapel)

    • Bob’s Elbow Break → Drag Across → Head and Arm Grip

      • On their lapel grip, push down on elbow with opposite side arm and pull them in (bending their arm).

      • Wrap around head and underhook under their elbow into head and arm grip (gable grip your hands).

    • Same Arm Reverse Elbow Break → Head and Arm Grip

      • On their lapel grip, put your opposite arm on the other side of their arm and rotate arm around towards them and grip up (essentially same grip as previous technique … more painful as you have a kimura locked in instead of just supporting their arm).

    • Underhook → Spinning Takedown

      • Same side arm, go over their arm and underhook, gable grip and snap them down on their shoulder.

      • Back spin/step and snap down to get them to rotate and fall onto their back

  • Knee Counter to Knee Lift to Standing Heel Hook

    • Block knees, catch knee when ready.

    • Knee them under the ribs to lift (with a thai clinch grip on the head with other hand).

    • Finish with KoB / hip and heel hook

  • 2-on-1 Takedowns

  • Right Slip → Grab 2-1 → Left Hook Underneath → Push in with Shoulder to Rotate them → Knee to Head → Standing Guillotine

    • As per “name”…

Rolling – About 5 minutes at the end of class (one round), not sure if this is normal or just ran out of time.

IMG_20160627_180826568received_1362831370400650 received_1362834217067032









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