Slovakia – Bratislava

Not a Shithole, But Only Spend 1 Night

We got to Bratislava late in the afternoon, so as soon as we got into our dorm we had showers and went exploring into the old town. We were both surprised at how nice Bratislava is (although the walk from the train station was a bit dodgy with a Kurwa guy).

We just wandered around old town for a while, looking at all the nice buildings and restaurants. We looked up a good restaurant and went there for a 5EU meal, it was okay but it was nice to have salad again. We then walked through the random Italian markets before heading back to the hostel.

IMG_20160623_210251196 IMG_20160623_211354021 IMG_20160623_213144447

We got woken up pretty early in the morning, around 7 by the Spanish girls in our room. So we just went to Tesco to get a cheap breakfast and again, wandered around Old Town for about 1.5 hours (nothing is really open until after 10am). We went back to the hostel to check out and then headed out for lunch. We found a small food stall and got some pulled pork sandwiches.

IMG_20160624_115135205 IMG_20160623_211153587

After walking around the city again, we got bored and headed back to the Hostel to do some bookings. There was a stag party in the common area, so we had to listen to 25 Spanish guys yelling and drinking for 2 hours before we could leave for our bus.

We got to the main bus station to catch the bus to Budapest with Regiojet/StudentAgency. We randomly bumped into some people we met in Zdiar along the trail, very weird.


Regiojet / StudentAgency  is really nice. They have TVs, although they have less left room than Flixbus  and WiFi only works in Czech Republic.

Apart from the cafes/shops and restaurants, there isn’t much to do in Bratislava. It’s a nice place to have a stopover but that’s it.


4 thoughts on “Slovakia – Bratislava

  1. We lived in Bratislava for a year and a half and it takes some time to get to know the city. After some time even the bus station seems a bit charming. 🙂

    There really are a lot of hidden gems around the city, such as Bunker BS-8, a WWII bunker just at the border with Austria. But as I said, it takes some time to get to know the city. 🙂


    1. Thanks Jesper! I guess as we only stayed overnight we were limited to how far we could venture out of the city. The city is very beautiful though, completely different to how it’s portrayed in Euro Trip haha


      1. Haha, Eurotrip didn’t show Bratislava in good light, but at least it made people understand that the city existed. The movie was actually not even filmed in Bratislava, but in Brno in the Czech Republic (which by the way is also a beautiful city). 🙂


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