Czech Republic – Prague

Flixbus, Airbnb and Vietnamese

We got the bus from Dresden to Prague through Flixbus. Please note: Flixbus operates on both sides of the street all along the HBF so you may need to walk around to find your bus. We walked for about 1.5kms (uphill…) to the apartment where our AirBnB host was. We stopped at the park nearby (just in front of the main train station) to wait the painful 3 hours for our host to give us the keys.

For some reason the train station has been evacuated, but it cleared up in about 1.5hours. We played Briscola to pass the time. We met our host but the room still wasn’t ready so we dropped our stuff and then went for a walk around, visiting random shops and getting our bearings.

This was the first time Ricky laid eyes on the Captain Candy store. The lollies here are about 5x times the size of any normal lolly and we later found out they were shit. We found an Albert Supermarket so we bought some stuff and then came back to the apartment. It was pretty late when we got back we decided to go to a Vietnamese restaurant that Ricky found online. It was called ‘Restaurant Pho’ and it was amazing!

IMG_20160616_195046168_HDR IMG_20160616_200623187

After dinner we walked around for a bit… and managed to stumble across the red light district; we didn’t realise that Prague had one. We also realised that they have sexy saunas. Ricky walked into one of the sex shops and I wanted for him inside until I head one of the locals on the street making a kissing sound to his friend who then looked at me, I went into the sex shop straight away. We then went and got a Hungarian scroll with ice-cream.

Free Walking Tour

Our guide was Katerina, who was from the Russian/Polish border town. Ricky thought she sounded like Gru from Despicable Me. We got to see some pretty cool stuff. One of the churches has a severed hand hanging in it of the thief who supposedly hid in the church and went to steal from the alter and the statue grabbed him.
Tour guide warned us about:

  • Fake notes – people give Belorussian notes back since they look similar – worth nothing
  • People hate speaking English – speak Czech first
  • Since they can’t add the tip to your bill some places to try charge for cutlery, water, etc
  • ATMs sometimes ask if you want their bank to convert currency – always say no

Afterwards we tried to Skype Ricky’s parents but we got confused with the time difference, so we ended up organising it for the next day. We just had lunch and watched GoT instead. We then went back out and explored Palac Lucerna, which is a statue of a guy riding a horse upside down. It is suspended from the ceiling, very cool.


After that we got lollies at Captain Candy. In Ricky’s words ‘They were fucking shit house for the money’ and it was really expensive, like $10 for 3 lollies. If you’re tempted, don’t; just go inside have a look then bail. Next stop along the way was the Municipal Library where we got to see the Book Tunnel.


Charles Bridge, St Bitus Cathedral and Astronomical Clock

We finally crossed the Charles Bridge,it was a bit crowded, but still really nice. We walked around the palace and St Vitus Cathedral, unfortunately the tours had closed for the day but we spent a good hour admiring the buildings. We did check out the Novy Svet, but we didn’t think the houses were too impressive, maybe we missed some of the minor details. On our walk back to the hostel we stopped to watch the Astronomical Clock and saw the strange demonstration – luckily our tour guide explained the clock on the walking tour.

IMG_20160617_185752207 IMG_20160618_182518439_HDR

Naplavka Farmers, Dancing House and Kutna Hora Tour

In the morning we rushed to visit the Naplavka farmers markets, we only walked around it for 15minutes. One side of the markets were only beer stalls and the other side was food. If you’re in Prague for a week or you are going straight back to your country we would recommend for you to go to the markets. That way you can take advantage of all the great produce. We power walked (I had to mini job) to the old town square that was 2.5kms away within 20minutes to make out Kutna Hora Tour, luckily we made it 5 minutes beforehand and we even got to see the Dancing House along the way.

The Kutna Hora tour included:
Sedlec Ossuary (bone chapel) – Ricky thought it was a little underwhelming and unfortunately the bone chandelier was taken down for repairs.

Jesuit College
St Barbara Cathedral – and the lookout
Lunch @ Davinky – We had already eaten our sandwiches so we shared the wild boar goulash with gingerbread dumplings – surprisingly good, but their coffee was fucking horrible.
The Mint
Statue of first President & dates of demolition & construction

The bus dropped us near the Metronome so we were able to walk up and have a look. It was cool, people were dancing and there were many photo opportunities along the way – For free! On the way home we did a quick food shop, including pastries and what we thought was milk; discovered it was buttermilk.

– We definitely Needed another 2 days in Prague ideally.
– Next time want to see: Farmers Market again (buy food), Dancing House (actually look at), Hemingway Bar (to try Absinthe – recommended by tour guide), Hunger Wall (Hladova Zed), Zizkhov district + massive beer garden on the hill, Vysehradsky tunnel
– Lots of people recommended to visit Cesky Krumlov


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