Germany – Dresden

Milk Shop, Old Town and Procession of Princes

We only really had 1 full day in Dresden, so in the morning we did food shopping, quickly had breakfast and went straight out after. Our first stop was the famous milk shop ‘Pfund Molkerei’. You aren’t allowed to take photos inside, but Ricky got some from the front.


We tried both the milk and buttermilk, they are only 1euro each. Buttermilk was pretty crap (expected like egg nog – more like Greek yoghurt) but the fresh milk is nice. The shop itself is insane, they have cheese, body scrub, make-up, beer, alcohol, you name it.

After this we walked 2.5km and crossed the bridge into ‘Old Town’. The first thing we saw, was actually our favourite thing in Dresden; the Procession of Princes (Fuerstenzug). It was really impressive and there is a challenge; to find the only girl in the painting.


Church of Our Lady, Anthropolgy Museum and Chocolate Shop

Next stop; Church of our Lady (Frauenkirche) however the next opening wasn’t for another hour. We ended up just wandering around old town for a bit, checking out the terrace (Bruehlsche Terrassen), Anthropolgy museum, the outside of the opera house (Semperopera) and finally the outside of the palace and green vault. The Opera house was 10EU so we didn’t bother to go inside. We would have really liked to have done the palace tours and seen inside, but the prices were ridiculous. The base was 21 euros, and we didn’t feel like we would enjoy it that much.

IMG_20160615_133350065 IMG_20160615_135939043 IMG_20160615_135941303

I was busting for the toilet, so we went to the fancy Chocolate Shop ‘Camondas’. We got hot chocolate, mocha and nougat in a waffle (cold ice cream cone waffle, not hot one). The drinks were good, but we will both have dreams about that nougat in years to come. It tasted like the inside of a Ferrero Rocher.


Church Tower, Free Beer and Kebabs

We then went for a walk through the streets and window shopped at all the crazy expensive stores. We finally went back to the church and went inside. It was really different to the other churches we’d seen. It was bright, colourful and non-Gothic. It was 8Euro to get up to the top so we decided to get a city view from a cheaper church ‘Kreuzkirche’ which was only 3EU to get up,. The view was just as good and you got a view of the other famous church anyway.


In the afternoon we snacked on Currywurst from Curry & Co (super average, don’t go) then went to the hostel to do more holiday planning and bookings. We got our free beer at night in Groove Station with a voucher our hostel gave and ended up watching some of the Romania Vs Switzerland match.

Ricky saw a Kebab place ‘Babos Doner’ that he wanted to try so we went there and it was surprisingly good, would even go so far as the best kebab in Europe we’ve had so far. After that we were party poopers and went back to the hostel and booked more stuff.



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