Roomies in Hostel – The Shithead Edition

This has been something that Ricky and I have always wanted to write – brutally honest compilation of the strange, rude and unhygienic encounters we have had while sharing a dorm. To be completely honest, it hasn’t been bad, we have made lots of friends along the way while staying at Hostels so we’re not knocking staying in a dorm.

Here are our stories, in order of severity (last is the worst).

1/6 Buenos Aires, Argentina: We were staying in a 6 bed dorm and there was an older lady staying there as well. Her English was broken, but enough to make small talk. I thought she was really nice, she was there only for a few days for shopping. We found out that not only does she like shopping, but she also likes turning on the room light at 2am to sort through her clothes. Oblivious to those around her sleeping.

2/6 Rio de Janeiro: 6 Bed mixed dorm. We had 2 guys in the room with us. One of them came into the room at 4am; they were nice enough to leave the room light off, instead they had their torch and were drunkenly using it as what seems, a strobe light to find their shit.

3/6 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil: Shit head guy and his mate checked out. After that we got a group of 2 couples. They went out clubbing and came back at 4am, to turn on all the lights and have showers, brush their teeth and have full conversations. We got our sweet revenge that morning, we had to be up at 6; so we made the most noise possible. At one stage I was slamming my locker door repetitively, just cause.

4/6 Taganga, Colombia: We had 4 people in the room, so again a dorm of 6. 3 young girls that seemed really cool and 1 old guy (were talking 60+). The older guy kept complaining that the aircon wasn’t cold enough, it might have been because he was wearing full flannelette pjs with slippers when it was 40c outside. On our last night 2 of the girls brought guys back into the room, was pretty awkward in the morning.

5/6 Sao Paulo, Brasil: This was my first Hostel experience and to this day, the guy in Sao Paulo is by far the worst snorer I have encountered. We were actually warmed by reception when we checked in after our 35+ hours of flying from Australia. We didn’t think anything of it until he fell asleep at 1am. For the next 3 nights we couldn’t sleep. It was so bad you could hear him from reception (we were on the 1st floor).

6/6 Utrecht, The Netherlands: The most recent of our horrors definitely gets all 6 stars from the shithead edition. This guy was the weirdest by far, there were times (who am I kidding; all times) that I didn’t feel safe in the room. He was noisy, somewhat aggressive and slept with his shoes on. He constantly farted throughout the night and told us that his medication made him do ‘silly things’. He also wheezed when we was sleeping and didn’t wear appropriate pj’s – Ricky saw ball-sack.



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