Ailie’s ESSENTIAL Travel Items

After almost a year of traveling there are definitely a few things that I now know that I can live without. Here is my short list of things that I can’t live without on a daily basis while living out of my 65L backpack.

  1. Coffee: When you’re backpacking with a caffeine addiction the cheapest thing to do is carry around instant coffee. Ricky and I have saved a shit tonne in coffees by just getting a big tub of the stuff. It costs around $10-15AUD and you can actually start to love it without milk.
  2. Glad Wrap: For when you are on an overnight bus or doing a walking tour throughout the day, packing a sandwich is the cheapest option. If you’re in a hostel they might not always have glad wrap, so we’ve gotten used to carrying it around with us, especially for covering leftovers.
  3. Eye Mask/Ear plug: If I had to pick one or the other, I’d pick eye mask. I have 3 just in case I loose 1. They are good for bus trips and shit-house hostel curtains.
  4. Quick Drying Towel: Ricky’s mumma actually bought us both one before we left for South America. We have used it almost everyday. It’s the perfect size and we save money from not hiring them at every single hostel (sometimes they can charge up to $5 for 1 night).
  5. Google Maps: A great tip, before you leave any WIFI connection, type your destination into Google maps and DO NOT CLOSE IT on your phone. You’ll be able to check where you are.
  6. Drink Bottle: Again, another money saver. Even in South America where you had to drink bottled water, we would usually buy 1 5L bottle and then fill up our smaller water bottles everyday. It saved a few dollars.
  7. Moisturiser/sunscreen: No matter the weather, I always use a face moisturiser that has sunscreen in it. If you don’t have Irish skin then this one may not be applicable to you.

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