Germany – Luebeck

Being Rebels, the Holsten Gate and Marzipan

In the morning we caught the train from Hamburg to Luebeck for a day trip. We accidentally went into the 1st class section on the train and stayed there for a whole 5 minutes before I got too scared and we bailed to second class. We could have stayed on because no-one checks tickets, but I just didn’t want to risk the fine if we were caught.

When we first got to Luebeck the first thing we saw was the Holsten Gate, it is the entry into the city centre, very very cool.
We walked around the city centre for a bit until we hit the Marzipan restaurant. We would definitely recommend this restaurant, it’s not too expensive but the cakes and chocolates were really nice. We didn’t get a coffee here (bit too pricey) but we bought some chocolates and had them at a coffee place nearby. After that we went to a supermarket to go to the toilet and while we were there we got some snacks for the day.
IMG_20160603_113950510 IMG_20160603_114024582_HDR

West side of the City and Luebeck Cathedral

We walked to the nearest park and relaxed for about 30minutes laying in the sun. After that we went to St Peters but didn’t go up to the top. We explored all throughout the west side of the city, saw the puppet museum, walked down the super narrow streets and admired the old buildings. We made our way to the Cathedral, which was insane; it had a cross from the 1400s hanging.


Rathaus, St Mary’s, Food Market and BlaBlaCar

We weren’t actually planning on seeing Rathaus, but we did it on accident thinking it was St Mary’s. Surprisingly, we would both do that tour again, the rooms were really impressive. After that we went to the real St Mary’s, the architecture was really cool; skulls were incorporated into the statues and they still have the bells from the first WWII (preserved from where they fell).

IMG_20160603_155346288 IMG_20160603_154924754

We went to the food market right after that and had a early dinner. We have bratwurst, spare ribs and a nutellatasche.

IMG_20160603_162144084 IMG_20160603_160717050

We had a beer afterwards at Im Alten zolln which is a pub from the 1500. The beers were okay but the bartender there was really friendly and excited that we had travelled all the way from Australia. We played briscola for about 45minutes .

The bartender convinced us to go back to St Peter’s and pay the entry fee to go up to the top – it was worth it. We then headed back to the markets and got some olives from the Italian stall. We played Briscola again and ate the olives while we waited for our BlaBlaCar. The finally Briscola score for the day was Ricky 6, Ailie 4.

Our BlaBlaCar ended up being a lot of fun. The driver was a young German girl whose English was almost perfect and the other two people in the car were our age as well. One guy had actually lived in New Zealand for 6 months, so the car ride home was entertaining, we all taught each other our own swear words and abbreviations.


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