Germany – Hamburg Part 2

Miniatur Wunderland and St Michaels Church

In the morning we made breakfast, talked with the room mates for a bit then went to see the physio for Ricky (he had an injury at the Judo comp he competed in the day before we left for Germany). Unfortunately they weren’t open on a Saturday, so we just went food shopping instead. We made lunch quickly and headed off to Miniatur Wunderland.

On the way stumbled upon St Michaels church. It did look nice from the outside, but to go up to the top it was 5Euro so we didn’t think it was worth the money (wasn’t THAT tall).

We were a bit nervous for just showing up to see the Miniatur Wunderland because we had heard lots of stories about of 2+ hour waits but we got in in about 5 minutes (surprising given it was Saturday around 1.30 – must be because it was sunny out). The waiting room was cool and had lots of those little puzzles with the balls.

It’s definitely not just a “model train set” there is a reason it’s #1 on TripAdvisor. It was incredible, we spent just over 3 hours there but you could definitely stay all day. The details and robotics had our mind blown.

IMG_20160604_145259505 IMG_20160604_144849178 IMG_20160604_145719142

Ferry Rides, Clubbing and Fish Markets

After seeing the Wunderland we walked to Langsbrucken 3 to take Ferry 62. it was crazy busy so we had to wait a little while until we could get onto one of the ferries. The round trip took about and hour and only cost 2.20Euro. We got off at Altona fishmarkt and walked from there to get home.

IMG_20160604_163047326 IMG_20160604_165002923_HDR

It was about 6 when we made it home, so we packed our bags for the next day, did washing and met our housemates out for clubbing. We went to one of their friends houses (Benoit) and watched France Vs Scotland in the football. We played drinking games and then bailed at around 12.30 to go clubbing with the boys + Bens roommates (and friends). We walked around for a while, Ricky got some pizza and then we headed to FreidaB club. We were there until around 4.45 (light out around 4) when we left for the fish market. We drunkenly walked to the fish market and got a famous fish sandwich.

IMG_20160605_025513305 IMG_20160605_053722566 IMG_20160605_054114402_HDR

Backfish sandwich was amazing; the batter was delicious and the fish was an actual fillet. We both shared two and watched the sunrise over the harbour. When we went through the market one of our American friends (Jeremy) attempted to buy some Eel. Turns out that in the Hamburg fish markets you can never just buy 1 thing, or else the sellers get angry at you. They usually bundle a bunch of stuff together and give you a price – take it or leave it, poor Jeremy learnt the hard way. We then stumbled home, finished packing, then crashed for an hour before catching our bus.



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