Germany – Hamburg Part 1

St Pauli Accommodation, the Sinful Mile and Washing

We got to Hamburg in the late afternoon and it took us a while to find our Airbnb accommodation. We took the Sbahn to Reeperbahn with all our stuff. We arrived at what we thought was the address, but after contacting the host we were on the wrong street. When we finally arrived and got into the building we had no idea which door was theirs so we climbed to the top of the building to only then hear one of the house mates yell out from the ground floor. We settled in and went for a walk straight away around the suburb, St Pauli. We were really close to “Schanzenviertel” which has been highly rated in the top 10 restaurant stripes in Hamburg. It seemed really nice and actually not that expensive.

True backpacker style we ended up buying a packet of salad from the supermarket, chocolate milk and then headed to a cheap takeaway place that did whole chickens, we totally ate it out the front… without cutlery. We stumbled across the Sinful Mile on our way home (stripclubs / brothels / bars / clubs / drag clubs ) and randomly saw the first catholic church in the city next to the drag club (on Grosse Farheit). The rest of the night was pretty tame, we did some washing at the local laundromat and that was it.

Free Walking Tour

We went to the Sandeman’s free walking tour in the morning and our American tour guide BROUGHT HER PUPPY!! Jenny was a great tour guide and her cardigan corgi was really well behaved.

IMG_20160601_104333342  IMG_20160601_120558572 IMG_20160602_204507968

We saw lots of the city and learned about the great fire and the WW2 bombings. Ricky managed to hit the lucky coin post in the river twice but couldn’t get the coin to stay on top, apparently everyone on Jenny’s tour tries to do this.

After tour we got crepes/galettas from the place the Australian guy (who lives in Hamburg) raved about – relatively expensive but very very nice. After this we walked home, did some food shopping, cooked our dinners for the next four days and then did holiday planning  and job searching for the rest of the day.


Waffles, Red Light District and Elbtunnel

We planned to go the miniature wonderland, but the weather was super shit. We waited until 3pm before saying ‘fuck it’ and went to the post office to mail some postcards, we also stopped and got a waffle on the way. The rest of the afternoon we just hung out with the roomates and had dinner. At about 8:30 (it was still light outside) we went down to the harbour, accidentally passing through the red light district. We saw so many sex workers, so many. We made it to the Elbtunnel which was pretty easy to find. Here you can walk underneath the water to the other side where the city is. Cars can go down the tunnel but it’s quite small.


When we got to the other side we walked around a bit, and then came back.

We were going to do the round trip on the ferry but it was 9:45 and we only had a 50note so we didn’t want coins back from the machine.

On our way home we stopped at the food truck section (got a corned beef burger), and the two massive sex stores; which were out of this world. After that the thunderstorm rolled in and we bolted back to the apartment past the red light district.

IMG_20160602_222516036 IMG_20160602_215106269


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