Germany – Berlin Part 2

Nudist Park, Gym and Briscola

We had a pretty productive morning; made breakfast, applied for jobs and taught one of our new friends how to say ‘ See you later’ with an Australian accent. After that we went to the biggest park in Berlin (Tiergarten). The weather was incredible so we decided to lie down for about 30mins, after we got up we realised that right opposite our small patch of grass were naked men everywhere. After this Ricky and I came up with a couple of slogans we are proud of:

  • Suns out plums out
  • Suns out buns out

IMG_20160528_125717353  IMG_20160528_125643052


We felt like shit so we decided to go to the gym. We ended up at Fitness point where they charged us 10EU, but we really didn’t care; it had KBs, battle ropes, rings, CrossFit style rack set-up (3 blocks).

That night we just made dinner and made some new friends while playing cards, ending up playing Briscola, whist, bullshit and Irish snap. The beers from the hostel were awful, but cheap. Ricky had snuck in some of his own to make up for it. At the end of the night we had an English guy called Will, Canadian guy called Andre and our two roomies, Islam and Sara.

IMG_20160528_213312931 IMG_20160528_185444563

Sachsenhausen Tour and Attempted Clubbing

We didn’t get to bed till 2am the night before, so we quickly had breakfast in the morning and raced over to the meeting point for our tour. We really wanted to do the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and it ended up being really informative.

The camp itself was crazy, especially the bureaucracy of it all. We would highly recommend visiting the camp, especially with a guide. Like the Topography of Terror, there is so much information there to read (we read hardly any of it) you’d never to be able to finish it all. The tour itself felt a bit rushed but all in all I think it was a good option.

IMG_20160529_133157505 IMG_20160529_125655990 IMG_20160529_123119034 IMG_20160529_131708455

We got back to the hostel pretty late, maybe 5:30 so we got some fried chicken (think it was called RISA Chicken). We had a nap and woke up at 7.30 and got ready to go out. We sat in the lobby playing cards for a while with Will and at about 11pm we decided to go out. Ricky and I were hungry so we got kebabs on the way.

If you’re looking for where to go in Berlin, visit We attempted to go to:

Prince Charles – Closed

Butzke – Closed (swear we heard music playing)

KitKat (couldn’t see it)

Tresor – Closed.

Club just near the East Side Gallery (random guys along the walk told us to follow them) – Denied entry because you needed tickets.

Golden Gate – Bouncers from the previous club recommended. We walked down there, paid and went in with no hassle (8EU). It was fucking shithouse. It was tiny, music was terrible and it smelled like smoke. We left within 2 minutes and went to the petrol station. We got Will to get a massive can of Faxe (5%, 1L) … tried to convince him to get the 10%. After he was well and truly drunk we watched the fucked up lady stumble around, we headed back to the club. Again we were there for about 5 minutes, hated it and left….at least we tried. Went to catch the train but it was closed (around 2AM); luckily the bus came about 5 minutes after we left.

IMG_20160529_235012415 IMG_20160530_023111704

Wanky Berlin clubbing confirmed.

Lazy Day, German Pastries, and Card Games

We woke up pretty late, around 11 and just went downstairs to get coffee and just did some things on our laptops. The weather was unpredictable, raining, sunny, thunder, sunny again.

We went to the markets when it stopped raining and just got pastries from our favourite lady and finally tried Currywurst; not great, but definitely not bad.

We did some holiday planning when we got back, but we made friends with some Americans, so we played card games with them for ages and Will joined us too. We got some fried chicken again and just packed our bags to leave the following morning.

IMG_20160530_144908099 IMG_20160530_145345357


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