Germany – Stuttgart Part 2

Wilhelma Zoo

In the morning we watched the last bit of Mr Bean and did a heap of Duolingo. We then walked to Wilhelma Zoo, it was a long walk but it was nice to go through the park before the Zoo. To be honest the Zoo isn’t amazing, but it is good to see and very big, definitely something you could fit a whole day around. The highlights were the monkeys picking at each other and smelling each other’s feet. It honestly felt like we were walking around for hours before we finally got home. We would recommend you to get a map of the Zoo and we found ourselves circling a lot of exhibits and we probably look way longer than the average person.

IMG_20160522_140655199 IMG_20160522_130843357 IMG_20160522_153200139_HDR









That night we cooked dinner, applied for jobs and made some travel bookings. Ricky tried a few local beers … Stuttgarter Hofbrau Premium & Das Echte – winner was Das Echte, it was apparently slightly sweeter/lighter beer and higher alcohol %.


Primark, Interviews and and Flixbus

We had our first bad day of weather and managed to sleep in until 10:30. We had breakfast and watched the Equaliser (what a badass). We headed to Edeka up the street and got some bread and cheese and then went down the hill to Milaneo. I needed new clothes badly so I went to Primark while Ricky explored the library (Stadtbibliothek). They allowed roof access which provides a pretty nice view of the city.






Ricky then came to meet me at Primark and bought some cheap t-shirts. The next morning Ricky had an interview with a recruitment agency Carpe Diem, I went along as moral support and wasn’t expecting to be asked into the meeting. They somehow managed to see my email I sent the previous night with my CV and asked me to sit in on Ricky’s interview, I was legitimately wearing gym clothes.

The interview went okay and we were out of their within 40minutes. When we got back to the apartment we said goodbye to our Airbnb Host, Babis and left for the bus station.

We took the wrong train by accident, we got off after 1 stop so we didn’t really waste time. Zuffenhausen Bf is not an actually bus station, it’s directly outside the train station, with four stops out the front. Looks like just local buses but it does include Flixbus. Flixbus is relatively comfortable, even if the journey is 7 hours to Berlin. On our drive there we saw lots of yellow wild flower patches in the green grass along the country side. There were heaps of wind turbines too.

IMG_20160524_190149178 IMG_20160524_174716547


  • The only thing we missed from Stuttgart was Rubble Hill (Birkenhopf).
  • The food we would recommend, get your snacks from Aldi, Meat and bread from Edeka and Fruit/veg from supermarket in Milaneo.

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