Germany – Stuttgart Part 1

Long Flights, Accommodation Wins and Language Barriers

We arrived in Stuttgart fairly late, so by the time we arrived at our accommodation we said Hi to our host and went to sleep. I needed to pee at 5:30am so I woke Ricky up by accident, but after that we both had broken sleep until 9:30, then we both woke up with headaches. When we got ready to venture out we realised that the area we were in was super fancy, and with fancy neighbourhoods comes fancy grocery stores.

At the store it was our first encounter to attempt the little German we know, but the butcher didn’t seem impressed and replied to us both in English. We made some delicious sandwiches with salami/ham/lettuce and bread from the discount bin, then we headed off to the main shopping centre Milaneo which was only a 10 minute walk away.

The supermarket there was a bit cheaper so we did the rest of our food shopping, checked out phone plans and I kind of window shopped. We went for another walk around the neighbourhood in the late afternoon and got some amazing views of the city. There are awesome cars everywhere in Stuttgart and architecture is really nice.


Organising a SIM Card and the Mercedes Benz Museum

We woke up early the next day, so we did Duolingo, made omelettes and then went to Milaneo to get SIM cards.

After we sorted out our SIM cards we took the train to Neckarpark which is where the Mercedes Benz Museum is. It was the 10 year anniversary of the museum being open, so we got there just  as they were cutting the birthday cake. We also got in for free, so yay for free cake and free entry!

IMG_20160519_131129561 IMG_20160519_125530159 IMG_20160519_130432957










We walked around for about 2 hours and did the tour ourselves, was totally worth going, so interesting and so much going on within the museum. We waited about 30 minutes to do the racing simulator which was good, but nothing special (don’t actually get to drive). It wasn’t really worth the 4EU and the queue to be honest.

After that, we went to ALDI and did some grocery shopping (the one in the Gerber shopping centre) and walked through the town centre – very nice, lots of good looking shops and restaurants. We noticed here that all the restaurants seem to have great looking food. After shopping we trekked back up the hill (using our new short cut up the stairs) and then had a late lunch, watched modern family, and applied for jobs.

Porsche Museum and Pretty Parks

In the morning we cooked breakfast, and spent the morning looking for jobs and accommodation. We left just after lunch to go to the Porsche Museum. It was really nice, just completely different idea from the Mercedes Museum, with a lot more engineering detail. We think the Mercedes Benz museum is overall better value for money (much bigger) and more interesting (history wise). We noticed there is a factory tour however we didn’t go on it (costs 6EU extra).

IMG_20160520_135735217 IMG_20160520_132218306






After the museum we went exploring in the centre of Stuttgart and visited the parks and laid down in the sun for a while, walked around and admired the buildings, did some shopping and then went home.


Killesberg Park, Applying for Jobs and Feuerseeplatz (Church)

We woke up early again, but didn’t want to wake up our host so instead we watched Monster’s University. We then cooked some omelettes and then walked up the hill to Killesberg park.  We did go the wrong way, but we ended up at a cool lookout and monument (Bismark Tower).






We continued through the parks and trails down to Killesberg park.  We walked around for a few hours and went up the look-out tower, it suggested you give a donation so we just gave 2EU (but no one checks, it’s just a tin).

IMG_20160521_121833227 IMG_20160521_122646661





The park is incredibly nice, there was a little fate going on with a couple of places to eat and vintage carnival games to play. We headed to the shops after but Aldi and Edeka looked average. We realised that the nice semi expensive grocery store was closed so we walked down the hill to go to Milaneo where the big supermarket was. We made some lunch after that and applied for jobs.

The weather was so nice I actually got a little bit sunburnt. That night we decided to travel around Germany while we wait to hear back from jobs. After dinner we walked down to see Feuerseeplatz (church). It was around 9.30 when we got there and it was still partially light. It was a very nice church and we got some good photos with the creepy lighting.

IMG_20160521_215122198 IMG_20160521_215708074









We walked back down the main street past all the clubs and pubs. Looked pretty quiet (clubs) at 10.00, but the bars were relatively packed – most people watching the Bayern vs Dortmund match.


  • KORJO adapters are amazing.
  • Vodafone SIM Cards: Normally 25EU + credit (10EU per month deducted from this for credit) but since we got two he gave it to us for 15EU each (since we said that we weren’t sure if we would be able to use the 25).
  • Rittersport chocolate is amazing (especially kakao mousse).

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