England – London

Gatwick Arrival with a Sausage Roll

We got into Gatwick at about 7am. We barely slept on our 7 hour flight and had been partying until 5:30am the day before, being shattered was an understatement. It felt surreal being in Europe for 1 day. We instantly felt relaxed knowing if we got lost, we could ask for directions in English.

We walked through the Airport and found that Gatwick has their own train line. We asked a few people and found out that if we waited until 9:30 to buy our all day train ticket we would save about $10AUD. We waited for about an hour and Ricky found somewhere that sold sausage rolls. We hadn’t eaten a sausage roll in over 5 months, it was amazing.

We got our travel card to use during the off-peak season with an all day tube access for 14.30 pounds. We were heading for Victoria Station but were told it’s cheaper to first stop at Blackfriars then Victoria for some reason.

We got to Victoria Underground by 11 and walked around for a little bit, because we had our backpacks and it was freezing, we sat in McDonalds. We got some food, used up the WiFi and warmed up before heading back out into the cold. Also during this time I went to the convenience store to get water and fruit and was harassed by a stalker worker who thought I had just been to the gym and wanted to be my Valentine.

Moorgate and Starbucks

We were staying with one of the girls from our Tour, Prima and she had University near Moorgate, so we agreed to meet up with her at 3. We walked around Moorgate for a bit, but it felt very Commercial with stores few and far between, so we sheltered from the cold at Starbucks.

Indian Food, Indulge and Good times

We went to Prima’s house in the afternoon by train, we got to meet her family (they were so nice and accommodating for meeting 2 strangers!!). We went and had another coffee (at this point Ricky and I were crashing so, so hard.) and then went back to her place for a quick shower before dinner.

Prima took us to her favourite Indian restaurant in London (Namaste Lounge) where we got to meet up with 3 other people from our tour group. It was so nice to see everyone and we had the best night, it kind of felt like home with everyone.


We had a mixture of sharing plates with a combination of vegetarian and meat dishes, it was insanely good and filling! The drinks weren’t that expenses and we were surprised by how little the bill was at the end of the night (Perth would have been much more expensive). We all wanted to get something sweet after dinner, but the lounge kicked us out at 9 (you have to pay for a booth after then, something ridiculous like $200 pounds), so we went in search for dessert.


Indulge is where we found ourselves, it was really busy, but our big group were served pretty quickly and the staff were amazing. Ricky’s pick: Delicigasm Brownie.

12688246_10156541706005182_6160810111082690559_n 12687828_10156541706240182_1954378554477573239_n 12742249_10156541706025182_1386187068582109193_n

After long chats and way more laughs, we got to bed very late, had a few hours sleep and caught a taxi to the airport. We were both excited, sad, happy, humbled and dreading the massive 20+ hours of flying ahead to get home back to Australia.



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