Mexico – Cancun Part 2

Souvenir Shopping, Tacos & Training

We got to the ADO bus station at about 7am. We decided to stay in the same BnB as last time with Giovanni (great host!). I had organised with him that we would drop out bags off and come back later for an early check it. We took the R6 bus off the main street to Giovanni’s, dropped our bags off and then took the R-6 to downtown.

We just walked around like zombies all day. I still had Colombianos so I eventually got rid of them for a pretty crappy rate (I didn’t care at this point). We walked around plaza las Americas, Chedraui and then got the R2 bus to Market 28.

Our bus driver for the R2 was a bit dodgy, we ended up going around in circles (about an hour) but we got to go down to the hotel zone which looked super fancy (way out of our price range). The driver wanted us to pay again but we just stayed quiet and got off at Market 28.

We got Cocobongo tickets for 60USD and that was hard work. We also bought some souvenirs as presents. Ricky tried to buy cigars, but be warned all of them within the markets ARE FAKE. He found a legit tobacco shop next to the markets who had a humidor etc so we knew they were real.


In the afternoon when we finally got back, I had a nap and Ricky did stuff on the computer. We got tacos at a place down the street (really good) and we both went to training. Ricky did BJJ and I went to the functional fitness place.

IMG_20160210_215533960 IMG_20160210_215342947 IMG_20160210_215150501

Isla Mujeres, Las Plaza Outlets and Ribs

We had a bit of a sleep in before devouring the delicious fruit bowl made by our host. We then took a taxi to Peurto Jaurez for the Isla Mujeres ferry. We didn’t buy tickets beforehand and we only waited 10 minutes on the next ferry.

I don’t know why we were Zombies again but we found ourselves wandering aimlessly again. To hire bicycles on the island was a ridiculous price (and the bikes were in terrible condition) and the golf cart/taxi option was not in our budget at all.

We walked to the north side of the beach Beach, got some photos and enjoyed the overcast weather. We also found a good deal on a snorkeling package (400p for along the coast line, food and including MUSA). The package would take a few hours and we were still exhausted. Instead we decided to leave early and go back for a nap before Cocobongo.

IMG_20160210_130255801 IMG_20160210_122959941

Along the way home we stopped Las Plaza Outlets to get Ricky some pants for London. It was super average and expensive. I got a bag but there wasn’t much to choose from for Ricky. If you were paying with the American Dollar you would probably love it, but with the Aussie dollar being super shit, it was crap.

We got ribs at Ricky’s favourite place on the walk home and also a snickers from the OXXO. After our massive feast we had an amazing nap and then went to training.



Okay… I may have gotten white girl wasted at Cocobongo. We got there and were given our wrist bands, from there all I remember is being given shots and drinks repetitively. It was such a good night and we’re so glad we ended Mexico with it. I ended up on the bar and stage dancing (Ricky legit took 50 videos and I’m too scared to see them). They had so many shows throughout the night, the Beatles, Elvis, Star Wars, Spiderman. etc. The drinks were cheap and nasty but was open bar. We definitely got jipped on our souvenirs. Also be careful getting home! I doesn’t start till 10:30 so finishes around 3 -4, the taxis charge whatever they want. We were charged about 40AUD to get home and that was cheap. We drunkingly got 2 minute noodles at the OXXO and got into bed at 5:30am.

IMG_20160211_244408632 IMG_20160211_241149636 IMG_20160211_023536348 IMG_20160210_233358404 IMG_20160210_222710874 IMG_20160211_245920572

Final Few Hours in Mexico

We woke up at about 8am… I think at that time I was still drunk. We packed our bags, had some breakfast and made our way to the shops to buy some cheap alcohol.

We went to Walmart and got amazing bakery food (photos don’t do it justice) then we went to Europea for Alcohol.

IMG_20160211_112349550 IMG_20160211_112402296 IMG_20160211_112345838

We were thinking about getting a bottle of El Senorio but didn’t bother since we didn’t know the taste (was good when we had at duty free later). We came home on R-6, bus, went to grill place down the road for lunch. We went to the Airport on RDO bus, checked in Terminal 3 and bummed around for a while until our flight was ready to board.


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