Mexico -Tulum

Journey to Tulum

We were still in Cozumel, so we woke up early, packed our bags and got some coffee. Before check-out we went and bought our ferry tickets for the next hour. After the ferry ride we had discovered that one of the guys handling the luggage gave someone Ricky’s jacket (Tied to his bag) because they said it was theirs. It was only as $50 North face knock-off, but We told them it was a $300 jacket to replace, so one of the guys from the boat ran to find the guy. Luckily we got it back, apparently the guy who stole the jacket had run off about 10 blocks and was trying to get a bus at the bus station, so we were really really lucky.

We had our final meal in Playa Del Carmen… a feast of Quesadillas, Tortas, Granola with Yoghurt and fruit, Rollito Dulce (Ailie coconut + nutella, me oreo + nutella + cinnamon is the best with nutella). Probably about $10 together for all that. After our feast we caught the Collectivo to Tulum.

Best Tacos in Tulum

After we arrived, we had a nap and researched what to do in Tulum. We then had a quick walk around the town, checked out the dive shops and had dinner at Antojitas La Chiapenca – highly recommend, was packed but delicious and cheap. Hot sauce is HAWT!

IMG_20160129_193246040 IMG_20160203_182202641

After dinner we got back to the hostel to do bits and pieces and met our roomies for the night, a German/Austrian couple.

Tulum Ruins, New Hostel & Booked Diving

We had breakfast with our roomies in the morning and after that we decided to go to the Tulum ruins early. We had trouble getting a Collectivo (saw one but someone told us that wasn’t it … even though it turned down the right road and we saw them later on). We ended up hiring bikes ($5 for until early afternoon) they were absolutely shit, but there weren’t many places that had decent bikes. The bike ride ended up being really nice, apart from going the wrong way 100 times. But we got to see a lot of Tulum so we can’t complain.

IMG_20160130_093742674 IMG_20160130_092730788

The Tulum ruins were amazing, but not as impressive as Chichen Itza. Amazing view and they look really nice with the crystal blue water in the background. Also bonus points is you can go down the staircase into the water which was perfect.

IMG_20160130_105218953 IMG_20160130_103743345 IMG_20160130_103600127 IMG_20160130_103210395 IMG_20160130_111848686 IMG_20160130_103648153_HDR

In the afternoon we changed hostels and carted all our stuff 1km down the road.

We were starving by this point and our taco place wasn’t open so we went to a chicken place recommended on Trip Advisor. It was somewhat expensive (compared to the tacos) but still delicious. Tasted like charcoal chicken from home. Around 90p each to share 1 chicken (with rice, tortillas, salsa and salad) and 500ml Fanta. Asked for the extra picante salsa, they blended some up for Ricky. Definitely packed a punch and his chest still burnt several hours later


In the late afternoon we were boring and watched 8 mile in the Hostel. We then went for a big walk, checked out ADO for bus times, got dinner at our usual taco place and booked our cenote dives with Koox Diving academy. We also walked to the supermarket to buy a cheap snorkel set for Akhumal bay and some snacks. We bought our ADO tickets to Coba and ticket to Chetumal for our next destination after Tulum. After that we watched Big Hero 6 (such a good kids movie).

Coba Ruins

We caught the ADO bus to Coba, it was a few hours drive. When we got there we hired bikes to explore – definitely worth it, the site is very spaced apart (1-2 km) so well worth having a bike (can also get ridden around on a tricycle but it’s 5x the price of hiring a bike).

The ruins were really cool, unfortunately there were no signs, so we didn’t really know what we were looking at (one of the better things about Tulum ruins was the descriptions at each location). Definitely not as restored as the other sites we went to which was good. Over all the ruins weren’t that spectacular compared to Chichen Itza and the scenery wasn’t as nice as Tulum however climbing the pyramid was quite amazing, as well as the view from the top of the pyramid to the horizon.

IMG_20160131_115704714_HDR IMG_20160131_115119087 IMG_20160131_113523916_HDR

After we finished exploring we had lunch where the ADO bus dropped us off. It was a decent meal and priced okay (very expensive closer to the ruins to eat).

We then bummed around the ruins and walked around the lake. We also checked out the local basketball courts. There is a cenote nearby (about 6kms up the road) but the taxi price was ridiculous so we didn’t bother.

That night we had tacos again, paid off our diving and had waffles!!


Diving Dos Ojos, The Pitt & Calavera Cenotes

For all the details on our Cenotes Dives go to: Diving in Tulum.

Akhumal Bay

We slept in pretty late the day we wanted to go to Akhumal bay. We got there just after 1 and paid about 30p each to get there (supposedly between 20-30, don’t pay more). We waited a while to get a bus, but on the way back it was there straight away. When you hop on a Collectivo just tell the drivers ‘Akhumal’ and they will stop and tell you were to go (straight down the road) – ours spoke English.

Akhumal bay was okay,  we didn’t see any turtles. We didn’t realise that most of the beach was roped off for tours only, so really, you have to book a tour to be able to go out to the turtle snorkel spots.


The shitty mask we got from the supermarket fogged up all the time so we didn’t bother. Ricky swam out far and supposedly there were a couple near him but he couldn’t see them underwater.

We both took turns in the water and relaxed on the beach for a while. The beach was relatively nice but some areas are rocky and there were a lot of people – would recommend just for the beach to stick to Tulum beaches, as the turtles aren’t that easy to see anyway/that plentiful.

Celebrity Spotting, Pineapple Tacos & Cheap Tequila

So we don’t mean to brag… BUT WE SAW ROB SCHNEIDER WITH HIS KID AND WIFE! We were getting money exchanged when I saw his wife first (I thought she was really pretty to be with an old guy) I was staring at him trying to see if he was attractive, then said to Ricky “That guy hell looks like Rob Schneider”, turns out it was most definitely him. He was covered in sunscreen and looked extremely unapproachable. He was with his young daughter too, so we didn’t want to interrupt his holiday.

After that we went and got tacos from our favourite place for the last time. We went pretty early so it wasn’t that busy. The cook must have recognised us because he put pineapple on our tacos, it was crazy good! After that we were on a pretty big high so I decided to get a Churro, it was crap. We then did one last walk around Tulum and found a small supermarket that sold Don Julio Aneja for 600p (small bottle).

Another win from that night was that when we got home to pack our bags we found out our dorm was empty!!

Additional Notes:

ADO: If you can book your bus tickets online, do it because it is cheaper. They don’t accept foregin cards though. The ADO also sells ferry tickets to Belize, which is slightly cheaper than the online ferry companies.

Banana flavoured popcorn is disgusting


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