Mexico – Cozumel

The morning we left Playa Del Carmen, we had a sleep in, then got some burritos for lunch (cheap and easy option) Our boat was at 1 so we also got some mango with chilli salt! It tasted really weird, I think it might have had pepper as well. I think it would have been nicer just with chilli flakes.

Ferry to Cozumel

When went with the Ferry company that had ‘Caribe’ in the name, they worked out to be the cheapest by a couple of dollars. It only took 45 minutes, but I regret sitting on the bottom at the front (I think the best spot to sit is usually the top back for sea sickness, I can’t really remember). We checked into our low budget hotel and went exploring around the island.

Booked Diving, Coffee & Exploring

We found a really nice dive shop that was run by French/Canadian guys, I think they were mostly from Montreal. Plongee Grand Cozumel Diving was the name and they were actually quite expensive. They gave us a good rate as they’re Canadian. Instead of 1.4 for US, gave us 1.25 but still worked out 150 AUD for two dives incl. gear (normally 95 US + 25 for gear).

After that we checked out the shops, got street churros and a burnt espresso. After that we went back to the hotel to Google CrossFit places, BJJ gyms and where to get cash out. Getting cash out was a mission and we ended up walking for about 30 minutes (over blocks) but it was good because it was near the BJJ Place. The BJJ gym was called Gracie Barra and it was inside the performing arts centre, near the back on the right. The classes start at 8, and the instructor is a purple belt.

We went to Taqueria El Pique for dinner, it was more expensive than street burritos, but it was really nice. IMG_20160126_204801897

The restaurant is right across from a big Super AKI supermarket, so after dinner we got cheap brownies, bananas, water, rolls and salt & vinegar chips! We had a chill night and watched another episode of making a murderer.

Scuba Diving; Punta Dalila & Wreck C-53

We got ready for scuba diving and we got to our first site, Punta Dalila. It was an amazing drift dive and I can safely say it was the best dive I have ever done. The visibility was beyond 30metres and there was so much to see (Nurse shark, Black trigger fish and French fish.

12553054_1718769411672755_6584725733934316757_n 12615552_1719178141631882_239981228910594012_o
The second dive was a wreck dive at C-53. It was really cool because we got to go into the wreck for a few minutes. The visibility was incredible, super clean with plenty of openings. We saw a barracuda and I saw a stingray (Ricky was at the safety stop).

DCIM100GOPRO  12651130_1718768581672838_745272164820232204_n

Gaetan our guide and he was really good. Before we even got in the water he went over all our signals and gave us a briefing of the site (emergency procedures etc). You might think that every dive company does this, but you’re wrong.

The boat was big, with shade and the food was amazing (rolls, tortilla, salsa, guacamole, ham, cheese, tuna salad, chips, biscuits, cool drinks, water, juice and fruit). We probably ate $150 worth of food.

After diving I walked with Ricky to BJJ; the instructor insisted that I join the class to keep his 19 year old daughter company. It worked out well because the guy gave it to us for free.

IMG_20160127_210038701_HDR IMG_20160127_210010558

Scuba Diving; Palancar Bricks & Paradise Reef

In the morning I was having sinus pain so I decided not to go diving (I didn’t want to risk it and pay $150 to not dive). It was a fairly choppy day so Ricky blew chunks on the boat after lunch right before the second dive.

The first dive was at Palancar Bricks, which he said was the same level of awesome as the day before. The reef shape was interesting with all the pinnacle shapes but the coral wasn’t particularly exciting.  The major highlight was the giant Hawkbill turtle which was at least 1 m long sitting in the coral, slowly munching away.

12628402_1719177698298593_4656183167274316185_o 12628645_1719178001631896_5747867211787068794_o

The second dive was meant to be at Santa Rosa but given the bad weather they went to Paradise reef instead. This dive was pretty average, quite shallow and nothing too exciting except for the giant grabs they say each about 0.5m wide.

Taqueria Diaz & Cheesecake

Ricky arrived back late (I met him there just as he was washing the dive gear) and we went straight to dinner at Taqueria Diaz . It was across from the Super AKI and was equal to the previous place.

After our epic dinner, we went to get cake from a cake shop nearby. We thought it was tiramisu, but it turned out to be cheesecake, horrible, old cheesecake. The coffee we got was burnt too.



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