Mexico – Cancun

Sleeping at the Airport, ADO and finding our BNB

We had the traditional backpacker experience, by sleeping in the airport trying to get to Mexico. We had to fly from Medellin to Miami, wait 16 hours then a flight from Miami to Cancun. We both had the worst sleep and had to wear our thermals because of how cold it was inside. I had a better sleep than Ricky but I think that was partially because I had a couch while he had the floor. I woke up after about 5 hours to see him wrapped up in thermals and gi pants.

When we arrived in Cancun, it was mid-morning. We got money out from Banamex ATM. The normal fee is 30 pesos (same as the Santander ATM) but free for Citibank (later worked out they are Citibank, explains the same colour scheme).

It’s really easy to get information at the airport, there were about 50 people waiting that spoke English to help you. We took the ADO bus to the terminal as this was the cheapest way to get to our Bed and Breakfast. From the terminal we took a taxi and spent about 30 minutes driving and asking people for help. We eventually found the place, but it cost us about 100 pesos, because we tipped the driver 30 pesos for staying with us.

Our host Giovanni was really cool, he suggested that we go to the grocery store and have lunch at a place called La Parilla.


BJJ & Functional Cross Training

After lunch we walked around the neighborhood and found a Jiu Jitsu gym and Cross-Training gym (they had a few globo gyms around but no kettlebells or bumper plates.

DSC_0377 DSC_0379

That night we both trained and then went and got ice coffee and Powerade, which was a terrible idea for me, and I didn’t get to sleep until about 3am.

Downtown, Plaza De Las Americas and Horchata

In the morning our awesome host, Giovanni made us a big bowl of fruit salad each with a proper Italian style espresso. We had a big bag of washing so we heading to the Laundromat near us which charged 10p per kilo. We then took the R-6 bus downtown and walked around the shopping area for a while.

We visit Plaza de las America and had some tacos. Ricky tried Horchata for the first time, it’s a white rice drink with cinnamon, I wasn’t a fan, but Ricky loved it.

If you’re ever in Mexico, the first thing you should do is go to a supermarket and walk down the bakery isle. It is crazy. You get yourself a tray and walk around with tongs and pick out all the freshly baked bread, pasteries, cakes and even doughnuts. I think we paid like 20c for 2 bread rolls, and 40c for a chocolate muffin. It definitely makes for a cheap breakfast, lunch or snack.

After stuffing our faces, we went to the post office (Correos de Mexico) to send some Colombian bags back for a friend. The post office was right next door to Mercado 28, which is a big markets. Lots of souvenirs here, but be careful of the prices, most of them are in USD and severely overpriced, we found it hard to barter here.

IMG_20160121_163328179 IMG_20160121_163321741 IMG_20160121_162534616 IMG_20160121_162230482

Ricky bought a wrestling mask as a present for a work friend and we spotted some other souvenirs that we will pick up on our 2 days in Cancun before we fly home.

Asado California & Training

Ricky saw a guy barbecuing meat on the side of the street so we decided to go their for an early dinner. I have to admit it was probably the dodgiest looking place he has suggested on our travels so far, but it ended up being really good. We paid $10AUD TOGETHER. We got 500g of Costilla beef, half a chicken, rice, lettuce and tortillas. We were worried about getting sick, but we were relieved in the morning to find that we weren’t dead or clinging to the toilet.


We bummed around the place for a bit before heading to training that night. We both finished at about 9, but I stayed back to watch videos with the guys from the gym. We got back to our accommodation around 10, and hung around the house until 12 doing bits and pieces.

IMG_20160120_210556648 12625638_10208616714160333_575561223_n


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