Medellin CrossFit

We stayed in Rionegro near the Airport (50 minutes away from Medellin) and since we had a day to kill we searched for gyms nearby.
We found CrossFit Rionegro, but couldn’t find the location so we gave up and had a walk around looking for places to eat at. When we were walking away from one place I noticed the gyms sign about a 100metres away, it was almost like seeing the heavens open.
I was crazy happy and so was Ricky, it was legitimately a 5minute walk from our Hostel (Hostel El Hangar). We quickly ran over (it was about 7:30pm) and said hi to the owner, who told us that the last class for the night would be at 8pm and that it cost 25000COP each. We raced back to our Hostel, changed, bought water and headed over.
When we got there we realized that she had a 6 week old husky puppy called ‘Lilly’, she was really cute!
We had about 5 minutes before the class so we did a little bit of stretching. The coach’s name was Simon and we told him that we hadn’t trained in over 2 months, his English was great and he went easy on us. If you’re in the area, check out this new gym! It had only opened 3 months prior, so all the equipment is spiffy and new.

20 star jumps, 10 squats
20x Rounds of 3 box jumps every 15 seconds. Ricky: 30inch Me: 24inch
Reps 2, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Behind the neck press with overhead squats
7x Rounds 3 Muscle Snatch every 30 seconds
1x Round 3 Power Snatch

WOD 1: 15 Minute CAP
Reps 20.15.10
Power Snatch, overhead squats, burpees over-the-bar
Result: Ricky had a 65poud bar and finished the 10 OH Squats on the last round, I had a 45pound bar and finished 5 OH Squats on the last round.

WOD 2: 10 Minute Cap
Front Squats and Lateral Jumps

*If your foot touches the pole on the jumps then you get a penalty burpee

Result: Same weights as before, Ricky finished the last set of squats and I completed it in 8:55.

We weren’t that impressed by the programming. I wasn’t fussed when the coach told me to keep weight off the bar as I was struggling anyway, but I noticed that most of the class didn’t lift more than 15lbs plates. Nevertheless I was happy for the cardio, and I was still sore the next day.


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