Colombia – San Andres

We arrived in San Andres at around 9:00pm. Unfortunately our shuttle bus closed at 8pm so we had to take a taxi to our Hotel (ended up only being 3km away). We stayed at Posada Nativa Cano, and the owners name was ‘Cano’. We had a room in a share house, with aircon and a kitchen! Cano took us on a small tour of the island before dropping us off at the main square. We tried to find a semi decent/cheap restaurant but most were closed by this time or were super expensive. We settled for take away pizza on our walk home.


Grocery Shopping, Duty Free & Dive Shops

The next day we walked around for majority of the day; we walked along the beach, got lunch and checked out all the duty free stores. In San Andres you don’t have to pay tax on goods, so every store is basically duty free. We found that most of the stuff was knock off or original and still expensive.

We went around trying to find some dive stores as well but they are all scattered around the island. The only one we could find was Blue Life, so we booked with them for 2 Fun Dives on the Saturday. We did some grocery shopping in the late arvo to cook lunch and then headed back to the hotel to do bits and pieces. I had a nap and Ricky walked up our streets hill to the Church where the lookout was. We didn’t realise that you had to pay an entry fee, so Ricky walked back disappointed.

Golf Cart Hire & Exploring the Island

We had read all the reviews about the island and most people have said to hire a golf cart to get around. In the early morning Cano dropped us off to a place where we could hire a gold cart. We ended up going for the budget nugget golf cart that had no indicators or lights/doors for 120,000 COP instead of the mini utes that are double the price.

We drove for about two hours around the whole coastline, eventually getting the hang of driving on the wrong side of the road. After this we came back and did some grocery shopping and loaded up the cart so we didn’t have to carry it up the hill.

IMG_20160115_113015236 IMG_20160115_105605192 IMG_20160115_104748598 IMG_20160115_102111750

We had some lunch and watched an episode of Mr Robot then drove up the hill to the church lookout. You can apparently see seven shades of blue from the ocean, but I think we just saw a few shades, not seven.

IMG_20160115_143935260 IMG_20160115_143547115

When we had parked our golf cart we were greeted by a dodgy local with no teeth and with his broken Spanglish we worked out that we would watch the cart for a small tip. We didn’t really have a choice but to tip the guy for the whole 10 minutes we were at the lookout, anyway we got back to the cart and paid him. He then started getting aggressive about wanting Ricky’s Tough Mudder T-Shirt. Ricky quickly pressed the accelerator and we just laughed it off.

We went to Rocky Cay to swim for a while, drive around some more up the hill and back to San Luis and around again before heading back to the city to drop the golf cart off at 6pm.

Scuba Diving With Blue Life Scuba

The next morning (Saturday) was dive day! Ricky was feeling a lot better and I, unfortunately got his cold. We walked to the dive shop and luckily they didn’t charge me a cancellation fee. I was pretty upset, I walked around all morning and then headed back to the hotel to watch a movie.

In the meantime Ricky had his 2 fun dives. It was apparently similar to Taganga, but the visibility and temperature was better. He saw a giant Lionfish and crayfish, but that was about the only largish sea life.


Blue Life were meant to have a good rating, but they were nothing special. Ricky wasn’t given a wet suit (it did get a bit cold at some points) and his BCD was dodgy as it wouldn’t deflate properly. On the second dive Ricky told the instructor when he was getting low on air, but the instructor continued the dive. It got to the stage where he had to suck the air out of the regulator and couldn’t stay for more than 20 seconds on the safety stop. Ricky left the group and surfaced by himself, with zero oxygen to spare.

Beach Swims on Our Last Day

On our last day we had an awesome sleep in and then went to the main beach on the North of the island for a few hours. We walked around for a bit, had a nap, watched TV shows and just enjoyed the Island.

IMG_20160114_120631442 IMG_20160114_122045471

Overall we weren’t impressed by the food options in San Andres, most restaurants weren’t worth the money. We had spoken to a few Colombians who were visiting and they said that San Andres wasn’t the best for food, so we cooked majority of our meals.


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