Colombia – Medellin

Long Taxi Rides & Maloka Hostel

The Airport is located in Rionegro which is located about 45minutes from Medellin. We paid about 60,000COP for a taxi so if you arrive during the day, try organise a cheaper way to get to where you’re staying. Ricky was sick so we didn’t do much that day, just walked around the neighbourhood, found an ATM and had a cheap lunch. We found an open air gym with jacked dudes and concrete weights, it was a bit too intense to train there. We had a nap in the afternoon and then found an awesome Italian food truck (great spaghetti and lots of chicken) for dinner. We watched Narcos before heading off to sleep.


Plaza Botero, Parque Explora, M4 Paintball Gun & Narcos

In the morning we caught the train to Plaza Botero, and walked down to Parque Explora (we didn’t go in but it looked okay). We wandered around the markets and to Ricky’s delight we found a street game where you could shoot a M4 paintball gun (10/10 = 20000 COP payout), he managed to hit 5 targets.

IMG_20160111_115514939_HDR IMG_20160111_135631602

On our walk back we legitimately saw a guy snorting coke (it was only 2pm) in the middle of the footpath. We were also offered drugs multiple times. Half the time it’s by the guys selling gum/cigarettes/drinks etc. We caught the train back and did some admin stuff in the afternoon as well as finish off the first season of Narcos.

Pablo Escobar Tour & The Rock

I was really excited for this tour. It’s a full day trip and costs about 100000COP. If you don’t know who Pablo Escobar is, Google him. He was one of the most wealthiest men in the world at one point and a massive drug trafficker. It was a two hour drive and we got to go to  see his second largest house in Medellin.The biggest house he owned in Colombia was in Napoles, halfway between bogota and Medellin, 5 hours from Medellin (1 day trip costs around 150000). The mansion was right on the lake.

IMG_20160112_123922346 IMG_20160112_113927808

Unfortunately the house itself was blown up because people put TNT in it (families of Pablo’s victims, can’t remember groups name). We still got to explore what was left of the house. Ricky looked for hidden money, but I think the police did a good enough job.

We then went through the guest houses and then down to his bar on the lake for a pretty good lunch. We brought out bathers along, but our guide told us we couldn’t swim that day because of a bacteria in the water. We noticed another tour group got to play paintball in the guest houses. Super jealous.


After lunch we went for a boat ride around the lake and got to see the church cross from Old El Peno which is the town that was sacrificed for the lake. The boat dropped us off in Guatape where we had 45minutes for a coffee and a wander.

IMG_20160112_124836919 IMG_20160112_131228925

We then went up the rock, which had an amazing view, but you had to claim 750 stairs to get to it. We went home after that and got dinner at the Italian food truck again. We went to bed early to then wake up at 11:30pm to go clubbing, but when we both woke up we felt like crap so we skipped it.

12506975_1231980513483994_703702789_n 12511578_1231980396817339_1195860361_n


We took the train to Caribe, then a bus with Expreso XXX (see ricky for ticket) at counter 11 to XXXX to go Paragliding. We paid 125000COP for a 20minute session, it was freggin awesome but also terrifying.

Some groups went more over the city however we went higher up into the clouds. If you’re thinking about going, allow at least 2 hours for transport (it’s cheap btw). Our instructor was Antonio (10 yrs experience, flying since he was 12) from Easy paragliding.


Please note: There is no sign for the paragliding place, go into “Aeroclub” and talk to them.

After getting back we had cheap lunch and a coffee at Peregrimo. After that we found an easier way to get to the airport: catch a taxi to San Diego shopping centre, then car pool a taxi with others to the airport. There are guys yelling aeropuerto and wearing vests so you can’t miss them (at the bus stop). Works out only a dollar or two more than taking the bus which is slower.

Viva Colombia Flight to San Andres

When we got to the airport we got fucked over by Viva Colombia, we had to pay to print a boarding pass because we didn’t check-in online and print. Paid the (cheaper than expected) tourist card fee for San Andres. The plane was old and dodgy (missing parts). If you can afford it… fly Avianca or catch a bus if you have time.

Please Note: Maloka Hostel is incredibly nice, the nicest we have stayed at in South America. Hot showers, eggs for breakfast and the staff speak fluent English and are super helpful. If you’re staying in Medellin, we highly recommend Maloka! PS their coffee was better than other cafes.


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