Colombia – Cartagena Part 2

Bocagrande, Castillo Grande & Laguito

We woke up early to go to the beach and found a place for breakfast in Bocagrande. We had Arepa, eggs and coffee. We then trekked around all of Bocagrande to all of the beaches and found them all to be pretty average. We went to Castillo Grande and Laguito. The water was dark, the sand was dirty and to be fair the weather was overcast.

I still had a swim, for only 10 minutes or so and then we decided to walk to the shopping centre to have a look around. We gave up on the beaches and went home in the afternoon and had dinner at Hotel Casa Rosada… it was surprisingly nice (and no food poisoning), also super cheap.

Rosario Islands AKA Paradise

This is definitely something you have to do if you visit Cartagena. It’s really easy to organise, just walk into any Hostel and they can help you book a tour. We realised that our tour only took us to Isla del Pirata, but we didn’t care, the water was crystal clear and warm.


It was super hot and sunny as well, so we spent majority of the day in the water. You could pay a small fee to snorkel one of the islands nearby, but we only had 4 hours or so on Isla del Pirata so we thought we;d make the most of it. Lunch was included, we had fried fish and arroz de coco.

We arrived back in Cartagena around 3pm and were a bit tired so we went and got a coffee at our favourite cafe (San Alberto). After that we went home and got food at the Hotel again.

Castillo de San Felipe, Mochila Bags, Crepes & Waffles

Our favourite restaurant near the hotel was open so we had lunch the before catching a taxi to the castle (Castillo de San Felipe). We explored inside and all around the top, it was pretty cool walking through the narrow walkways and walking up the stairs. It was way to hot when we went (like 1pm) so definitely go early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

IMG_20160104_135440804 IMG_20160104_134428552 IMG_20160104_133331385 IMG_20160104_134459955IMG_20160104_135558670_HDR

We then walked to San Alberto cafe for another coffee, got some cash out from the ATMS (please note if you’re not quick enough during the transaction, then it will time-out). We also went and bought Mochilla bags for one of the girls at Ricky’s work. They were surprisingly pricey, the big ones were anywhere between 60-90,000COP. I wanted to try Crepes and Waffles (pretty popular chain in Colombia) so Ricky caved in and I got Nutella with strawberries while he got waffles with nutella and ice-cream; definitely go again!

We also walked to the harbour to check out the boats, but the line was ridiculously long. When we got back to the Hotel it was dinner time. We walked around and found a new place next to our favourite place. I have to say it looked a little risky, but it was possibly one of my favourite Colombian meals.


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