Colombia – Bogota Part 1

Donuts & Bad Luck

As soon as we arrived to the Airport to get the flight to Bogota we had problems. We got sprung by a 25 USD tourist tax to enter Colombia (really random). We got charged 5.50USD by the ATM because the airport wouldn’t accept the local currency. I also lost my boarding pass and later found it at Dunkin’ Donuts – luckily the ladies kept it.

We flew with Viva Colombia and we can safely say that the seats were made for ants. Most airplane seats are uncomfortable for Ricky given his height (6.6ft), but this seat was substantially smaller than the seats we had on our Avianca flights. The lady in-front of him didn’t stand a chance at reclining her seat and I think she realised this before she sat down.

After the flight we had issues finding our bags; until one of the ladies on our flight saw them on a different carriage (than what was noted on the board).

Note: Get your money exchanged outside of baggage collection, the rate inside is terrible.

2nd Note: For transfers to your Hotel/Hostel check what your accommodation is charging prior. We ended up paying 20,000COP too much by going with the Hostel. We stayed in Swiss Hostel Martinik.

Graffiti Tour & COFFEE!!

In the morning we went on a graffiti tour for just over two hours. We stayed in La Candelaria and our American/Colombian guide showed us some amazing pieces and explained the artists history and the purpose. He was an artist himself, so he knew every artist personally. Wes stopped off at the market to get a juice (Ricky’s had quail egg…surprisingly better than mine) and street arepa and chorizo which was really good for the price. The tour was ‘pay how you feel’, the guide was really good and we recommend for you to check it out; Bogota is known for it’s relaxed attitude to Graffiti.

IMG_20151227_115935104 IMG_20151227_110058677 IMG_20151227_110251510

After the tour we went to the Montserrat, but as soon as we got there we gave up. The line was huge for cable cars and we were told we couldn’t walk up (safest to go before and return before 3 PM on Sundays if walking … which it was).

On our walk back I got my first Colombian coffee while Ricky bought a juice made from guanabana which was kind of like a melted ice-cream / yoghurt but quite nice.

IMG_20151227_142045923_HDR IMG_20151227_142731258_HDR

Museo del Oro

We got back to the Hostel for about 10minutes and then decided to go to Museo del Oro (Gold Museum) which had free entry on Sundays. The museum was quite interesting and had some amazing pieces however there was so many people there that you were rushed along.


Finishing the day we did some grocery shopping (and checked out the Bolivar Plaza which was across from it) and then went back to the hostel.

Andres Carne de Res

A couple of guys from our Graffiti tour recommended Andres Carne de Res for dinner (Ricky had also seen it on TripAdvisor), so we decided to go! We were told that the one in Chia was better than the one in Zona Rosa; so we asked the Stoner receptionist about a taxi and he told us it’d cost 25000 COP to Chia however once in the taxi we found out taxis from La Candelaria to the one in Zona Rosa (North Bogota) cost 25,000 whereas to Chia it costs 110,000 (each way). Ended up with a good taxi driver called Johnny (even though we screwed him around at the start deciding whether Chia or Zona Rosa), we agreed on a time and he came back and picked us up and then took us on a semi city tour and stopped to let us take photos.

When we went at 7:30ish to the one in Zona Rosa we expected it to be busy; it was good but didn’t have the atmosphere described in the review. The meal was OK, decent quality however it was relatively small and nothing special given the price. It cost us 110,000 each for 2 drinks, small entrée, main and dessert.

IMG_20151227_185219869 IMG_20151227_185216102


With our Citibank cards we were able to use Bancolombia and Davivienda. We tried to get money out at each and it wouldn’t tell us how much of a fee was going to be charged, later we checked our accounts and we didn’t have any ATM Fees showing.



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