Peru – Lima

1st Round of Goodbyes

We arrived by bus into Lima and it was about 8pm. Some of our group had flights from 11pm on-wards so when we got onto our private transfer bus, our guide, Edith, arranged for the guys to be dropped off somewhere safer to catch taxi’s. Our guide told us that the bus terminals in Lima can be dodgy, so that’s why we were rushed out and quickly chucked on the bus.

We said our goodbyes on the bus to some of the people and went on to our last Hotel which was in Barranco. Edith organised our last farewell dinner for 10:30pm, so we had enough time for showers and to get cash out. The food was amazing (and giant portions) however comparatively expensive, we finished off the speeches that night and then headed back to the hotel; everyone was exhausted and most were leaving the next day.

Our GAdventures Tour Has Finished

The next morning (extremely early) I woke up to Skype my family. After about 30minutes of Skyping, I went and woke Ricky up to see my Dog. After that I went to the Supermarket to stock up on Avocado, Bananas and water. We then met up with the rest of the group at breakfast.

After breakfast I went to go check out the CrossFit gym that was nearby (CrossFit Barranco). When I walked in I got really excited because I saw that they did Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Judo and CrossFit. One of the guys sort of spoke English; enough to tell me that they were closed until the 4th of January but they were having a Christmas party that night and I was more than welcome to come. I was crying inside, I had missed their last class of the year by legitimately 3 hours.

I went back to the Hotel and we packed up our stuff for check-out. The sadest moment of checking-out was when we had to say goodbye to Edith.

Miraflores; Rum & Sandwhiches in the Cat Park

There were a few of us that wanted to hang out on the last day, so we decided to catch Taxi’s into Miraflores to get lunch and explore.

One of the girls didn’t have the space to bring back a bottle of Rum so after we bought our sandwiches from a cafe we went to the Cat Park (Parque Kennedy) to eat and finish off the bottle. After about 5 minutes of eating we realised we weren’t going to be left alone; at one point during the lunch we had 9 cats surrounding us.


We had a quick dinner that night at a brewing company in Barranco, it was pretty shit, but we just wanted somewhere to hang out for a bit so we could say our final farewells.

When we said goodbye, we went and got our bags and headed for our next Hostel. One of the girls in the group changed her plans last minute and decided to join us, so we caught a taxi out to Miraflores to our VERY empty hostel.

Star Wars Ep VII

In the early morning we said goodbye to the last person from our tour. The first thing we did after that was walk to the nearest grocery store. We forgot that it was Christmas Eve so the shops were a bit hectic, but we surprisingly didn’t wait long in the giant ques.

When we got back I made lunch, from memory it was chicken wraps with salad, we both felt amazing afterwards… our first home cooked meal in over a month. Late in the afternoon we went to see Star Wars Ep VII (and it was in English!!).

IMG_20151224_152242511 IMG_20151224_153301237

When we got back to the hostel I cooked dinner; it included Christmas Ham, roast potatoes and steamed vegies.


While we were cooking, Ricky sliced open his leg. He was trying to dry a mug by violently shaking it; he shook it so hard that the handle snapped off and the mug bounced off the concrete and into his shin.


Christmas in Lima

Yay Christmas! We figured out pretty quickly that we were legitimately the only people staying in our Hostel, that, and there was no running water. I Skyped my family in the morning, then had some breakfast and went to McDonalds to pee. I cooked a Christmas roast for a late lunch and bummed around most of the day doing blog stuff and researching Mexico. I needed to pee in the afternoon so we went to the cinema and while we were there we got instant photos taken.


I Skyped my sister in the afternoon and we ate leftovers for dinner. Luckily the water came back on at around 7pm so we were able to shower and go to the toilet.

Boxing Day Shenanigans

We woke up early again, this time to Skype Ricky’s family; we were both very homesick after speaking to everyone. We had some breakfast and then got ready to go to the shops. In Australia most of the shopping sales are on Boxing Day, so we thought it would be the same in Lima. We looked around the shops for a while, but couldn’t see any sales. We also tried to find a Citibank or Banco de la Nacion but couldn’t find any either. We also checked out a few of the Casinos to try get rid of some of our coins but all of them only accepted notes. We went and got sandwiches for lunch and headed back to the Hostel to book our accommodation for Mexico.


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