Peru – Paracas

Rowdy Evenings

We got to Paracas later in the evening, so we spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool and then went for dinner at a fancy seafood place. The food was average (some people had mammoth meals and other tiny, sizing ratio was off), but we were able to BYO so some of the girls and I bought 2 bottles for the restaurant.


After dinner everyone wanted to party, so along the way Ricky stopped to get street food, which ended up being super cheap and huge.

We went to a Hostel to party and we out-warmed our welcome pretty quickly. We were being idiots (half of us weren’t actually drunk) but decided to jump into the hammocks and be pushed. We almost broke the hammock shelter (Ricky said it was terribly constructed/engineered anyway). We stayed for about an hour after that playing giant jenga, pool, foozball and ping pong then Ricky and I decided it was probably a good idea to head home.

IMG_20151221_230459183 IMG_20151221_232213525

Galletas Island

We woke up early the next morning and took a boat trip to Galletas Island. It’s basically like a mini Gallapagos, so saw plenty of (Peruvian) boobies, sea lions, penguins, crabs, sea spiders and a variety of other animals. After our boat trip (2 hour round trip) we finished packing up and left the hotel for lunch.

IMG_20151222_093441352 IMG_20151222_083756862 IMG_20151222_092018552 IMG_20151222_092150864

Lunch & Secret Santa

The food was awesome at lunch, but it was a little tense from a few dramas that some of the group were having to each other. The walk to the restaurant become super awkward when a screaming match broke out, and actually didn’t stop until we sat down.

We got to give out our Secret Santa gifts and Edith gave some speeches for ½ the people who received their postcards. We had to cut the speeches short given we were running late for the bus. Our private bus was 15 minutes late and we thought we might miss our public bus, however we ended up waiting at the bus terminal for an hour as the public bus was late anyway.


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