Peru – Huacachina and Pisco

Paradise Oasis

We had a private bus take us to Huacachina, it was a strange oasis in the middle of the desert. There were houses/hotels surrounding the water and there were boats all over.


Dune Buggying & Sandboarding

We went dune buggying which was really intense, we got thrown all over the shop. There were some definite moments were we thought the buggy was going to be rolled. Along the way we got to do some sand-boarding (head first) on the dunes for about an hour before heading back. They had touched up the buggy’s paint earlier that day and because I was holding on so tightly, I ended up with red hands.

IMG_20151221_130846516 IMG_20151221_125316617_HDR

After that, we went back to the hotel/restaurant to have lunch. They had a pool so we got to shower off the sand and jump in. We stayed for about an hour until we had to leave for our next stop.

Pisco Winery Tour

Our next stop was in Pisco, for a winery tour. The first part of the tour was theory; learning the method of creating Pisco. We learnt that Acholado is the mixed grapes, and something beginning with Q is the green grapes only. After crushing the grapes, the fermenting is done for two weeks in clay pots (first week open, second covered in banana leaves and clay), third is distilling for 24 hours. They chuck out the blue methanol head and the brown weak alcohol tail, while keeping the middle clear section.

IMG_20151221_154411075 IMG_20151221_154541201

After theory we moved onto the taste testing. The red wine was by far the nicest, however they were all quite nice. We got a very average ice-cream and then back on the bus.

IMG_20151221_161526781_HDR IMG_20151221_161529726


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