Peru – Nazca

Nazca Lines

We got to Nazca early, so it was good for out Hotel to let us have an early check in. We spent the morning having a nap and watching the last half of Star Wars Ep VI. At 11 we took the plane over the Nazca lines.We were told by the other GAdventures group not to eat any food beforehand because it could make you sick.

I had taken 2 altitude tablets and I was pretty out of it. When we got there we had to be weighed and have our passports as well. Behind the counter one of the pilots had a beagle puppy so I got to play with him until everyone was ready. Turns out the puppy was only 3months old and was in training to become a sniffer dog!

The lines are pretty amazing, but some are hard to see – lots of other random lines around and the lines themselves are only 30 cm deep. The pilots assistant was pointing out each of the lines so that made it a little easier.

IMG_20151220_114426078 IMG_20151220_120257292 IMG_20151221_095942705 12366358_10156366180445182_9187884774832586163_n

It was an expensive ride (100USD each) but we felt like it was worth it and something to tick off the list. It was both our first time in a small jet, so it was really cool and nauseating.

Pool, Drinks & Naps

That afternoon was pretty chill, because of the tablets I slept for about 4 hours while Ricky got drunk in the pool with the group. The pool even had a slide!

1934621_10153775282804933_2089752571580761527_n 20151220_151839

Pachamama Ceremony & Traditional Feast

Later that night the hotel organised a traditional buffet feast and we got to do the Pachamama ceremony. Majority of the guys in our group were wasted so the ceremony was cut short and drunk Ricky and I helped unwrap the potatoes and corn. The traditional feast is cooked in the ground with coal for hours.

Nazca Lines Viewpoint

The next morning we were on our way to Huacachina on our private bus so we stopped at the viewpoint for the Nazca Line. It was worth the 50cAUD.

IMG_20151221_100150356 IMG_20151221_100215365_HDR


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