Peru – Cusco Part 2

24 Hour Challenge Fail

Our group was told about the 24hour challenge after Machu Picchu. On the last day of the trek you have to wake up at 3am, so the challenge is you stay up for the full 24hours partying. Once we got to the Hotel, we had showers, KFC and then headed out to the nearest pub, safe to say we lasted until 10pm (well I did, Ricky bailed just after 9). We woke up early the next morning, and decided to get a good breakfast at Jacks Cafe (big portions, average price). We walked around the main square for a while, then spent the rest of the morning checking emails, sending messages and uploading photos.

Shopping & Lunch at Morena Cafe

After doing admin stuff, we went exploring to all the electronics stores and markets to find a GoPro case. Ricky had snapped the clip keeping the case together a little while before and we wanted it for diving. We found a small camera shop near the main square and they luckily had just the clip. The lady at the counter fitted the clip and Ricky also bought a red filter. For lunch we headed to Morena Cafe (trip advisor rated) and we loved it; Ricky had a burger and I had the soup. I think it’s more of a dinner spot, bit expensive for lunch, but worth it.


Marcelo Batata & Dangerous Drinking Games

Our guide Edith, was from Cusco so as it was our last night there, we went to a really nice restaurant that she recommended. It was called Marcela Batata and quite expensive, but really good authentic food. On the walk back home we stopped off at the supermarket and invested in some bottles of Rum for a night of drinking games in the breakfast room of our hotel.


Hangovers, McDonalds & Chocolate Museum

The next day we didn’t do much, Ricky got up early and had breakfast in the hotel while I was sick and hungover. I slept most of the day on the couch in the lobby, while did bits and pieces on his laptop. We eventually went to McDonalds for lunch and then headed back. After again lying on the couch for a while we went to the chocolate museum, bought a few things and had a lot of free samples.


For dinner we just ended up going back to Jacks before our night bus.


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