Peru – Chivay

Llamas, Alpacas & Buffet

We got to Chivay at about 2:30pm. Along the way we made some stops for ATMs and snacks in Arequipa; we also stopped to see some Llamas and Alpacas.


We got to Chivay and had a really good buffet (about 28pesos) and then a stop for a delicious buffet in Chivay. We both napped in the afternoon and missed the walking tour, but later we found out it wasn’t really worth it.


Irish Pub & Simpsons

Chivay is a really tiny town, so we were warned to only eat at two restaurants (otherwise suffer the consequences of the squirts). We were also told that street food here was not safe. We chose the Irish pub, which was terrible apart from watching the Simpsons in English.

Cruz Del Condor

We woke up early on our second day to go to Cruz del Condor.  We got there around 8:30 and saw some condors however they were too far away to get any good photos. See if you can spot the tiny black speck that is a condor in the photo below.


Colca Valley

We stayed at the Condor viewpoint for about an hour and saw 5 Condors in total, was pretty cool. After that we did a 45 minute hike along the canyon and saw some nice views of the mountains. On the way home stopped at another view point in the Colca valley and the town of Maca.

It was really sad in Maca, they keep Eagles on chains for tourists, our guide told us not to support these people by paying for a photo. We stopped at the same buffet for lunch again.

Hot Springs

It had rained in the afternoon, but some of us were determined that we were still going to the hot springs. It paid off because the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy them for a few hours. There was another GAdventure group there (doing the tour the opposite way), so we exchanged tips for the next stops. We also got cold beers which topped the day off!



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