Peru – Arequipa

City Tour & Crepes

We arrived in Arequipa super early in the morning, so we dropped off our bags at the hotel and went for a quick tour of the city. We then went to a french restaurant (they actually opened 30minutes earlier just for us) and got epic crepes. This was about 8:30am.


Star Wars Ep 7.

After walking around the main centre (photo above) we all decided we wanted to go see the new Star Wars Ep 7 move. Arequipa is a big city, so Edith (our guide) told us that the movie will most likely be in English for the first day. We all took taxis to the shopping mall to book tickets, but when we got there we found out the cinema didn’t open until after 1pm. Edith had a few things to do in the shopping centre so she said she would hang around and buy our tickets.

Judo Fail & Rooftop Restaurant

After the first Star Wars movie had finished Ricky went out to find a Judo club he seen online. About 30 minutes later he came back, apparently Google maps had the location wrong and he ended up at a hotel with no-one there. We had a quick nap and then went to a rooftop restaurant for dinner. We realised fairly quickly that Arequipa beat Lima in the Futeball final 3-0, so the plaza was packed with people, making the atmosphere awesome.

There were fireworks and people cheering. After dinner we went to a bar Qochomama with some people we had met from dinner. It was a bit of a dud so we stayed for one drink and then headed back to the hotel.

IMG_20151216_203505515 IMG_20151219_194248069

Back After Chivay

We had another day in Arequipa after visiting Chivay. We got there at around midday, so went to the shopping centre for lunch, snacks for the night bus and other stuff we needed to stock up on. Ricky tried Dos Pollos in the food court, which was actually surprisingly nice chicken (I had McDonalds). We caught a taxi back to the hotel and then spent most of the afternoon booking accommodation for Colombia and doing other bits and pieces. At 5 pm we went to the lookout to see the city and the surrounding mountains.


After the look-out we walked back down to a Turkish restaurant close to the hotel to get kofte kebabs (delicious). We then headed back to the hotel to get our private bus and then public overnight bus to Nazca.


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