Peru – Cusco Part 1

GAdventures Office

After taking a day bus to Cusco, we arrived at about 6pm so we quickly showered and headed out. Our first stop was the GAdventures office to pick up our gear for the Inca Trail and go through all the details. This took until about 8pm, so we then headed straight to dinner and did some shopping for wet weather gear.


White Water Rafting

The next day a few of us went white water rafting in the Urubumba river. The rapids were ranged between 2 to 4 which was awesome, the instructions from the guide were really good and the safety equipment we got was also good. The lunch was amazing, we had fried rice, chicken and fresh bread (apparently made with cinnamon, not sugar). The only downsides to the day was the dead dog floating in the river and the expensive photographs we paid for being poor quality. All in all though it was pretty awesome, would definitely do it again.


Arriving back in Cusco we again did some shopping for out last items for the Inca Trail and then out to dinner.


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