Peru – Puno

Lake Titicaca

We headed from La Paz to Puno in the morning with our new GAdventures guide for the journey through Peru. After taking a 4 hour bus, we arrived at Lake Titicaca for the first time. We all hopped off the bus to use the toilet and buy snacks while our bus was ferried across the lake (one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen). After our CEO sorted out our tickets, we hopped on a boat and headed across. We got back on the bus for another 30 minutes or so and arrived in Copacobana (our last stop in Bolivia).

Arriving in Puno

We had lunch a shitty lunch (This seemed to be common in Bolivia) and then changed onto a Peruvian bus. After another short drive later we arrived at the border. Strange enough you hop off the bus to check out of Bolivia, and then you have to walk another 200+m and cross into Peru. After that you go into the customs building and check in. Once our bus was cleared (and the bags checked… one of the guys inour group had his bag checked). We were off again for another hour. We arrived in Puno late, so we showered and unpacked quickly before heading to dinner and sorting out details for the next day.

Homestay Gifts & Pisco Sours

Before dinner we went to the market to buy gifts for our homestay families. We were going to stay the next night with a local family and the expectation was that instead of giving money, you would buy them gifts. Amazingly we noticed they had Milo for sale, the first place we’ve seen it in all of South America. We bought our family a kilo of pasta, kilo of oats and some fruit, spending about $10AUD. We got money out from BCP as it had slightly better rates (fee of 13.5s, max withdrawl 700s) compared to Scotiabank (15s, max withdrawl 500s).


During dinner we had our first Pisco Sour and afterwards we had Mojito balls at a bar. It was one of the girls birthdays so we stayed out for a little bit. It was a bar that did experimental cocktails, but we weren’t massive fans.

IMG_20151204_183517375 IMG_20151204_193432922_HDR
Note: Interbank and BancoGNB have same fees as BCP.

Arriving Back After the Homestay

After we arrived back into Puno from our homestay we felt like we needed Western food, so we found an amazing café and had coffee, toasted ham and cheese sandwhich and then for dessert… chocolate cake and brownies with ice-cream.


That night we headed out to dinner and at the dinner our new group CEO told us about our group challenges. Both of us were in separate groups (which was good because we are both completely competitive) with the challenges of:

  1. Group photo spelling YOLO at Machu Picchu
  2. Group Llama selfie
  3. Group photo with the Machu Picchu porters
  4. Photo evidence of someone in the group eating a guinea pig head (delicacy in Peru)

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