Bolivia – La Paz

Cafe Del Mundo, San Pedro Prison & Shopping

We arrived ridiculously early in La Paz and because our rooms weren’t ready we went to Café del Mundo for early breakfast. The restaurant was owned by a Swedish lady and all her travel photos were in frames across every wall. We were given small blankets to keep us warm and we got to have pancakes with bacon!! After breakfast, majority of the group went on the walking tour of the city however Ricky and I did our own thing because we needed to stock up before Machu Picchu.

We walked around for a while, but La Paz wasn’t as cheap and didn’t have as much of a selection to waterproof clothes than what our guide lead us to believe. We ran into the rest of our group so we decided to join the tour because the next stop was San Pedro Prison. San Pedro prison is super creepy (google it). It’s pretty much a prison run by prisoners in the middle of the city. A decade or more ago the government lost control of the prison so they then chose to let the prisoners run it from the inside and they just provided the security around it. Families live inside the prison and some cells are considered luxurious.

We broke away from the tour group when they decided to move on after the prison, so we did a lap around to try to get a better look… however we couldn’t. We headed back to the hotel and when we were 200m away it started pouring with rain and hailing. Later in the afternoon we headed back out to buy our water proof jackets (bought for $50 AUD but they were fake NorthFace) and again wandered all the market streets. After getting terrible directions from the hotel to find a supermarket we made it back to the main square and then for the 10th time that day walked up the massive hill to our hotel.

Saying Goodbye

It was our last night with our tour guide from GAdventures so we went out for a special dinner. From here we would meet our other tour guide for Peru. We took a taxi to an Asian restaurant, where the owner also organises the bike rides through Death Road.

Ricky and some of the boys ran to the corner store at dinner to buy a card and present. For some reason they bought her a doll and we later found out that people give you this doll if you’re ready to have kids… which was super awkward.


We spoke to the owner at the restaurant and we all put our hands up for completing death road the next day.

Death Road

Death road speaks for itself basically. It’s just over 60kms of road (24kms of nice road, with the remaining being pebbles/rocks). I am an amateur bike rider, let alone mountain biker, but I found it really easy and safe. Most people tried to freak us out beforehand, but I think if you go your own pace and stick to the wall you’ll be fine. We had a few people fall off there bikes, but that was because they weren’t watching or were going faster than what they could manage.

The only scary part was at the very last section and the tour guides warns you about it beforehand (you stop a lot during the ride to wait for people and debrief for each section).

I would do it again in a heart beat, plus it’s all downhill!

See our Death Road photos.

After death road we stopped at mini hotel for a shit buffet and a glorious swim.

Later that night we met our new GAdventures CEO/tour guide and just got a quick pizza from Martinis which was just next door to our Hotel (cheap and delicious).

DSCF8197 DSCN0157 DSCN0186 DSCN0191


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